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  1. Omega Outfitters, a casual guild who focuses mainly on pve and life skills. We have Discord which we use for guild boss scrolls and other events, also using discord to post a plethora of guides. GT:Rezerektd will be on in a couple hrs, if you miss me today I'll be on quit a bit over the weekend. Omega Outfitters GM ReZ
  2. TGIF! Hey folks, just a heads up. I plan on clocking some serious time this weekend in game, fishing, hunting, world bosses and much much more. If you're interested and want to just check us out, come hang and join in on the fun. No pressure just enjoy yourself and have fun, any questions or help needed we will do our best to assist you with it. Omega Outfitters GM ReZ
  3. Omega Outfitters is accepting new members. We're a laid back and drama free community. We would be happy to assist you with the game, we all know that it's a big learning curve. My GT is Rezerektd, I'll be on in about a half hour or so. Either join my party or invite me to one. Hope to talk to you soon, if not good luck and have fun!
  4. Omega is now a medium sized guild and growing!
  5. Omega is growing very well, updating and improving guild skill boosts daily. Couldn't ask for a greater start to an amazing community.
  6. What kind of guild are you looking for? Pve, PvP?
  7. They didnt answer my request, since then i had time to learn the game join another guild and now here I am. Recruitingfor my own guild. Good luck getting an answer.
  8. Greetings, Omega Outfitters is accepting NEW and veteran players eager to continue or dive into the life skills aspect of the game. While we mostly focus on life skills we also do guild missions. World, guild and awakened bosses. For those of us who enjoy PvP, we also have plans on participating in node wars. There is no GS (gear score) requirement, the only requirement however is you must be 18 or older to join. Guild bonuses close to being maxed out. So we do hope that you will consider joining our ever growing, drama free community. Helping Omega grow into a strong and spectacular guild. Discord:MX62pkK Thanks, ReZ
  9. Thanks for the feedback folks, I'm just gonna use the fishing boat method.
  10. Was wondering if it's safe to travel to Valencia with my wagon. I do Imperial trading quit a bit and noticed a delivery option in the Imperial Delivery page. I have water and tea etc.. And my wagon gear is +5 And up, just mostly concerned about mobs and bandits. If it is safe what route if any in particular would be best? Thanks ahead of time!
  11. I use my Striker for all gathering/crafting/trade etc.. Only thing I use alts for is hiring workers, ie anything that drains 💪
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