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  1. hiya. You're welcome to join. Feel free to jump into our discord and we can get you sorted :)
  2. I'm not ingame at the moment, but if you're able to hope into our discord, one of the guild officers would be able to get you sorted
  3. Hiya! Yeah, we have room for new members.
  4. We now have maxed out lifeskill buffs. Accuracy is maxed as well. We have a nice friend community looking for more people to grace us with their presence 😀
  5. Yeah buddy. Looking forward to having you onboard
  6. Updated guild info to include current guild buffs.
  7. Close to filling up
  8. Expanded to guild further, opening up more slots for new members to join
  9. More spots opened up and now open for recruitment again.
  10. We are on the NA servers. A home channel hasn't been chosen yet, but people are freely able to switch between them
  11. Hi there, if you still like to join, feel free to hop in our discord and we can get you in the guild
  12. We have a great and helpful bunch of players. Always welcoming others. Feel free to drop in and check us out! https://discord.gg/uTRFvnM
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