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  1. Been trying to fill out a bug ticket, but the new ticket system is broken. I've tried every variation on the time format but refuses to accept it. 08/18/19/5:00PM/-6CST - refuses to accept this format and every variation. When did it happen? Timezone (MM/DD/YY/Time/Timezone) When will I be able to file a bug report?
  2. I've never made a post about removing PVP, in fact I made a post complaining about the shai pvp DEBUFF and wanted the debuff % lowered. I think you're the alt account. This whole thread has nothing to do with PVP, did you even read because it sounds like you made a alt account and just quoted with baseless accusations to troll.
  3. The game is so choppy now, even when in velia. When I have time I'll go through my clips and make an upload.
  4. LOL, no I'm not. This is my main account and research would show how ignorant it is to make a claim without any proof to back it up.
  5. It's a matter of time until this game will cripple an xbox, when my friends NEW xbox one X started getting that message he quit playing. He got it on Xbox One and had to retire it due to performance issues, we both have played around 1000's games on xbox and NEVER got the message until we played BDO.
  6. The market wasn't being crashed before events lmao. If you're going to keep repeating yourself and contradicting earlier posts, you could at least use better grammar/punctuation. My ignorance? LOL should I correct your 1000's of errors?
  7. I can get 5 witches earrings in a day, use a lvl 49 on arsha with a leveled node. It's the players fault for not researching drop rates, it's one of the first things I learned after the basics. You talk about players having trouble getting drops (again), then reference players getting a ton of drops and listing them on market. All anyone was doing was running scroll groups for drops, and still are. I've gotten 200 memory frags the past 2-3 days from fishing/farming and event boxes. You keep contradicting yourself. It's also basic economics that when players get free loot it saturates the market and causes a crash, I've seen the most pearl registrations in the last 2-3 weeks than I have since I started playing.
  8. Like I'd quit over a random troll, who doesn't even play but gets on forums to only troll. Sorry you have no life.
  9. Keep ignoring all the valid points and defending the game like a fan boi. I see the game for how it actually is. Money comes before any real content releases IE PATCHES, MEMORY LEAK FIX, PERFORMANCE UPDATE. All attention is directed in how they can choke players into spending money to progress by crashing the market where majority of players are making silver.
  10. For anyone who got a dande, yes. Adapt to what opportunity? Opportunities were taken away from anyone who doesn't have the silver to upgrade to Tri, not to mention with bad RNG some players LOSE silver on enhancements and you have to have silver in the first place to buy the gear on the very likely chance it will break. Forcing players into ONE playstyle IE upgrading to make silver is not an option, but a forced "option". Lost pearl sales? LOL, I've never seen so much pearl market listings in the past month not to mention a lot of players payed 50$ for a tent. Says the troll with nothing constructive to say.
  11. I'll say it again for the third time. PA releases events to crash markets thus driving up pearl prices. Giving away boss gear to people who don't even know what to do with it, ends up saturating the market and thus causing a crash in the CM. IE PA CRASHED THE MARKET. You didn't read the part about them crashing market on memory fragments did you? You talk about me ignoring you, yet you keep ignoring points I've made several times over. Players are suppose to lvl nodes to increase drop chance, if you expect good items to drop with NO effort then you're inpatient. But putting in the effort for loot to drop and having it drop for PA to crash market and make said effort/time on the drop WORTHLESS is a problem. Keep ignoring all the posts I've made and I've made them pretty self-explanatory, You're just trolling at this point.
  12. Exactly! (Nice profile pic btw!), I've just been fishing for the past 3 weeks and still trying to get past skilled, then I need to max trader so I can profit from fishing so I'm looking at a month maybe 2 at this rate before I can make any silver from it. So much for having options or "be your true self", unless someone actually enjoys not participating in combat content or spending an obscene amount of real money. Farming is really only profitable now if you spend 50$ on the P2W tent, and you actually lose profit if you use the free quest one, and "playing the market" only works if 1. you already have a lot of silver and 2. if you have the value pack (and you have to spend $ for value pack).
  13. I was making 40+ mil a DAY from monster drops before shai event and other events. Now farming is essentially useless, esp for newer players, so telling newer players that the ONLY way to make silver is fishing and trading (which takes a month+ to be profitable) is just plain brainless in what's suppose to be a MMO not minecraft.
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