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  1. This is still a huge problem fix ASAP!
  2. If you read the skill it says you can only pick one skill out of the 3 to bump to level 3. Not a bug just working as intended.
  3. Try clearing out your game data. Find bdo in games and apps, hit start on it, go to manage, then click game data, and delete it.
  4. Are all the Talent adjustments made on PC going to be included at Shai talent launch on xbo?
  5. This happens to me and my guildies as well
  6. Shai Talents on Aug 28th!
  7. I have an Xbox one x and AOE skill animations aren't showing up in node war, guild vs guild, or battle arena fights. This has been like this at least since kama came out.
  8. The August 14th patch notes said that tuck and roll was switching to LT+fwd+B button combo but it didn't get switched. It still uses FWD+B button combo still. Which is annoying because I have to keep the skill locked for good combos in PVP 😕
  9. Region: NA Name: Fohrria Twitter link: https://t.co/HuncjV9rGs
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