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  1. In a response to a ticked I submitted I got told that it is a know issue. However the GM proceeded telling me that they suggest me taking the quest once I hit lvl 50. Hello? The reason I submitted the ticked was because I cannot? -.-" jeez
  2. You should be able by standing in the center of it with nothing planted and opening a menu by holding L2, then triangle to cycle through options, If my memory is not mistaking me
  3. On PS4 you can minimize the game too, just by clicking the PS logo button on the controller to go back to the main menu, but now sure how it would affect the actual console idling.
  4. Exactly the same issue. At this point i don't know if it's me being stupid or what. Other character didn't seem to get this issue...
  5. Yes I keep getting this random pop up and not sure what does it mean?
  6. I had the same question myself. But as someone said on the thread that I posted, even if it is not blocked, an official statement that it wouldn't be blocked would be enforcing this, therefore they might not be able to say it publicly. However, the open beta has been announced, so I got super excited that I got to try out if I get IP block or not, without purchasing the game. Try doing the same! Don't forget to pre-register!
  7. Yea I'd love to get an official reply, but after getting ignored on twitter 2 times i doubt I'll get one
  8. Hi, so I've tried asking this question in general forums as well as in direct tweets to @playblackdesert on twitter, yet to no avail. So we all know that there are some countries that are region blocked from playing the game on PC. Now I live in one of them, but the account that I use for my PS4 is in a region that is not blocked and I am using that region's store to purchase PS4 games etc. My question is: would I be allowed to play the game without being region blocked, since I am purchasing it from the PS4 store region that is not blocked, but actually using the PS4 in the blocked region? Would they target directly PS4's IP to block it? Or are they relying on just selling the game in the non blocked regions' PS4 stores? Thank you in advance.
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