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  1. Yes we did, at least at how it is performing on PC, it is a clear "buff" in 1v1 situations. Siege wise, I've understood that awakening is better simply for the fact that you have range abilities, but doesn't mean succession can't be used in siege, it'll just require a different mindset and be used as an assassin class. PvE wise, for higher end spots, it is a clear winner over awakening in places such as aakman and hysteria, however awakening is still better on lower end grind spots (polly forest, gahaz, fogans etc.) Also succession requires more skill points than awakening, you need a minimum of 1.6k skill points to have a decent build in succession.
  2. Just wait for succession to hit console. It will fix the class to some extent. Gaps will still be there, but the ability to cancel all skills with Dusk will lower the chance of getting caught as easily. We get more damage too and some pretty nice new "flows" with nocturne, most notable one is Lunacy flow, where you can just cancel the end animation with Nocturne to stay protected, unlike now, where you are a sitting duck. We getting sustain in succession as well (works better in PVE than PVP), Ravage Rake and Lunacy will receive HP on hit. The big drawback is we lose our range abilities, basically keeping only Spirit Legacy (maintains FG) and Twilight Dash (still no protection :p) from awakening, also cancellable, and from what I have seen from ppl in the DK discord, we will also struggle with stamina management to a degree. At least we got cancels now...
  3. I've seen on the DK discord a screenshot saying that DK + other classes will get a rework planned for next year. Also someone else read that it has been confirmed by some xbox devs. Any news or articles where we can read up about this? Would be amazing to finally see this class up to par (hopefully) with others after such a long time being bad. Heck, I'd be happy just to have faster animations and proper protections with no changes besides those.
  4. Hi all! I am looking to join an EU competitive guild for when the game launches. Some things I'm looking for: - good, mature community, friendly atmosphere where people get along and work together. - skilled players who are willing to help/teach/practice PvP combos and master their class (either PC veterans or Xbox players) - Node wars and PvP (bonus if the guild wants to be in the top 10 PvP guilds/ occupy the most nodes) PM me here with any info about your guild or if you have any questions for me!
  5. I want Dark Knight, but I have a feeling it won't be available on release
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