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  1. Damn that's really unfortunate. You can't always see full guild names in the little summary journal. Oh well I guess
  2. Is there some way to see an extended part of your journal? One if my guildmates got pk'd and we couldn't see the full guild name in his journal, was wondering if there was a way to see it?
  3. This has just happened to me as well. Wild caught female, just hit level 30 with her and bam no breed count. I'll be sending in a ticket as well.
  4. Hey guys! Just started up a new, chill guild and looking for active people to be a part of it. Not really interested in our guild being pvp at this time but may decide to later on when the guild is larger. If you have any questions or would like to join, please dm me on xbox, my gt is Synryze. Thanks~ :D
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