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  1. If you participate survey they made they sent you tea coupon. So you didn't miss anything
  2. No blue in game. It's removed. Only gold
  3. Create official ticket in their bug system (you can find it on oficial web site). It will be musch faster then do it here without any details.
  4. There is setting in controler side..like fast double move triggers turn around, can it be that?
  5. Dissmis quest, do all investment take quest back. It known issue they working on that.
  6. What you personally did to participate? Just build fort and that's all? Did you click participate in guild list? You can't did damage if you did not accept participation after fort build on the same channel there node war happened. If you still think you did everything correct you should send direct message to one of the Gm in discord and try to help them to collect as many data as possible. Stop crying start trying.
  7. Completely disagree with your opinion.
  8. Taking some data and saying we know how it works looks like an theory of flat earth... and it always has some followers. I completely disagree with your theory an wish to summon someone with big authority to crush it to the ground... cos if any novice will try to follow your advice instead of dealing damage he will think that every thing is broken
  9. Your preiouse big post looks like creating some theories on pure random witch mabe doing some gropig based ether to give top 10 number of people more chanses to loot or top 10% of damaging... I know a person who got Kzarka by just accidentelly hitting it with 1 metheorite(he did not plan to be at kzarka at all that time) so all that things looks to me like not trustworthy theory.
  10. Got you wrong sorry. Only thingi can say i face with that - its sometimes it not displaying my scills there but theay are there when i am trying ti use it I think it happens when i switch off chars, cos its more like ui but which doesnot affect my gameplay... Next time you feel like its vanished just try to use smthg... (just to check that is vanished but not just ui)
  11. You can enhance asula with not exact same asyla but wekened parts of it You can drop them same places or exchange whole asula earrings to parts.
  12. Ps4 has same, 1 option in settings about optimisation man...
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