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  1. Impyriel

    PS4 Black Desert Screenshots

    Thanks for the expedient answers guys! I’d react to your posts but i ran out of reactions for the day 😉
  2. Impyriel

    PS4 Black Desert Screenshots

    This is going to be an expert level noob question, but how do you guys get these perfect pics over to the forum? Are you doing it through the PS4 browser?
  3. Impyriel

    Thing that bugged me with beta

    He probably means Spanish, French, German and other dialects that exist in Europe. But I get what you’re saying. i wouldn’t mind if my Aussie mates could join us over in NA, but im an easy going dude.
  4. Impyriel


    Don’t tell me how to waste my money. 😂
  5. Impyriel

    Screen size not fitting correctly

    Thank you sir!! This worked perfectly
  6. Impyriel

    Screen size not fitting correctly

    I just got home and tried it through the PS4 settings. It didn’t work
  7. I’ve tried wizard and sorc in beta so far. Sorc is way more enjoyable to me. I’m gonna try to mess around with every class a bit before beta ends. Warrior next 😊
  8. Hello, i have a PS4 Pro and a 55 inch 4K tv. My screen border when I am in game seems to stretch just a bit outside of the screen size. Is there a way to adjust screen size in game?
  9. Impyriel

    Ps4 EU beta error, we want communication!

    One thing to keep in mind is that CMs (Community Managers) are simply messengers or mediums between development and the community itself. I understand the frustration as I have experienced it in my many years of playing MMORPGs. Patience is key as things almost always eventually get resolved. CMs have to follow rules and regulations in which they can give the community specific information or they won’t be allowed to remain a CM.
  10. Impyriel

    getting hyped for beta 3d printed black spirit

    That’s awesome! Do you take orders?
  11. Impyriel

    beta link for us ps4 store

    Brilliant!! You rock 🤘
  12. This might be a silly question, but if the PS4 is put into rest mode will AFK activities still work? Like if I go afk to auto path or fish etc and enter rest mode will they still be active when I come back and start the PS4.
  13. I see two pity votes for warrior on the board now 😂