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  1. You are given the option to go from level 49 to 50 which then forces pvp... however I have three characters past that that have never once been attacked. If you are attacked, just switch servers. Don’t sweat it man.
  2. It’s designed this way to keep bots and farmers from infesting the game.
  3. If I were to make an educated guess, having their talents on cause them to require food faster/more. That’s how it works if you set them to agile which affects how fast they pick up items.
  4. It’s essentially like having a subscription because it expands your account. For $15 you would get 30 days worth on your account
  5. Yes you need to disable the option in the PS4 settings so it doesn’t automatically go into rest mode after a while. And when you use another app like Netflix or Twitch for example, I think it suspends your current game and it will disconnect you in BDO. Not 100%
  6. Didn’t Xbox get character slots for each new class that was introduced?
  7. That’s not Xbox. Black Desert released on Xbox earlier this year.
  8. Items that say cannot be enhanced - cannot be enhanced. Items that say fixed are typically quest items and can be enhanced but with specific things/items. Items that say flexible are the items that can be enhanced with black stones (armor or weapon). Also reread my last post cause I added some info. I am no expert on this game by any means. PS4 is my first time playing.
  9. There are multiple avenues to take to get armor and weapons you are speaking about. Work at getting a modest amount of money and then check the central market for things to buy. Sometimes you can find items already enhanced there. Or sometimes you can farm areas for drops that are enhanced to a random level. Then you open up your black spirit and choose his option to enhance an item. Armor can be enhanced up to +5 with no penalties and weapons up to +7. But to see the real benefits you need to enhance up past +15. Look at your characters weapons on the central market that are enhanced. There may not be any available for sale on the market, but if you select the item and hit the square button it will display the stats for you. Also at a certain point in the main quest line you will get a tier 5 horse.
  10. It stacks. I’m currently at 110 or so days. All of those account buffs stack I believe.
  11. Shirna and Trent are on tonight and I think they’re gonna give us the classes. Tinfoil hat on I think it may be Musa and Striker. If you look at the classes on the website those are the next two going backwards from the bottom and the 6 original classes.
  12. There is no specific date.
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