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  1. When farming ogres and nearby mansha elites the loot scroll doesnt seem to work. The "item drop increase scroll" does not give me my 50% item drop amount. I used to get around 20 silver bars per elite and maybe 23 trash loot from ogres. Now i get 12, 13, 14 silver bars with and without loot scroll active. Was this some kind of nerf to elites?? Perhaps the drop rate buff does not work as well. Who knows. I have and have always had kamasylvia p2w buff active. I thought i read through every patch notes but did i miss something?? Probably started around the time cross play came out or the 50% reduction in mob count. Any ideas?
  2. Youd have to look at the cm prices before doing anything. Everything is low now making it harder to enchant with intent to sell. You used to make 100M per hour making +15-duo awakening weps when they were high but are now low. Their starting to gain traction again but are harder to sell. I typically look at popular armors +15 price and if its 20M ill snipe some +0 armor and enchant to sell. Im honestly not sure how the cm works so idk why those florangs arent way higher but just got to keep rechecking cm every now and then.
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