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  1. Don_Sebastian

    Disk ssd

    Server no. For loading screen yes
  2. Don_Sebastian

    [EU][PvP] Wolfpack - Rekrutuje

    Można ściągać lecimy
  3. Don_Sebastian

    GM Please help!

    Luigi coming, dont worry by happy.
  4. Don_Sebastian

    CM_Trent, do you remeber me? Revenge!

    He asked to convey that he did not remember you.
  5. Don_Sebastian

    Disk ssd

    This generation is not yet for you to feel the differences significantly. It's like 4k on ps4 pro hahahahah. By mounting the ssd drive you will get 5-10 seconds of loading. A sip of beer
  6. Listen to the voices. The ones in the head are the best. Some will say that it's sick, don't be fooled, listen to them
  7. Don_Sebastian

    Character and family name

    Nvm gl&hf.
  8. Don_Sebastian

    [EU][PvP] Wolfpack - Rekrutuje

  9. Don_Sebastian

    Character and family name

    U dont lisen? Nick name : bezetka Family name : bezetka
  10. Don_Sebastian

    Disk ssd

    This video from pc.
  11. Don_Sebastian

    Russian language Black Desert PS4

    But not at console Xbox/ps4
  12. Don_Sebastian

    Russian language Black Desert PS4

    Many countries need it also not only ZSRR , it was the same on Xbox and nothing has changed for a year. This company policy must be accepted. Many people have been divided from NA because of a regional block and will not buy the game because of it. This is not Kakaogames.
  13. Don_Sebastian

    Russian language Black Desert PS4

    Not only russian its limited andd location of other countries. Many friends who played with each other separated by the policy of publishers and developers. Cm can do natting with this.