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  1. The cm aren't communication event boss times or servers and acting unprofessional unlike pc gm. Please up yea'll game and communicate better in the future
  2. I tried to show this game off last year before the Ps4 release and I had a cold welcome from the cosplayers they didn't give the game a chance they were too busy selling their stupid jewelry, This is seriously the best MMO I have ever played I wish you guys could have a booth setup and show people the game it's better than WoW.
  3. on PC there is dynamic algorithms that change the game effects and animations during boss fights. These currently don't exist on PS4 and are needed. There is about 200-300 players on each server in attendance on Kzarka fights and the game has very poor performance, please incorporate optimizations used on the PC because my laptop runs the boss fights fine on PC. Also the lag on loot is an issue, also if you die during the boss fights you cannot use elions tears to rez.
  4. ok guys I just got invite priveledges last night so I am going to start recruiting I will copy down your guys names and get to work. It took 2 weeks after launch to get guild invites.
  5. It took 2 weeks after launch to give people officer privileges so now we have a guild setup with 9 founders and we are going to try to expand to a medium sized guild. Personally me I have a level 60 on PC (54.9 on PS4) and I am the main tank for small guild scroll bosses and such. The elected GM wants to node war but with the amount of people paying for costumes right now to tri out their greens it's kinda not my priority. Personally I am trying to lifeskill up so that I can make all the blackstone and have extra sharps through farming since the AH is not functional right now because there is no excess supply of (BlackStone) BS, or (ConcentratedBlackStone). If anyone needs help playing the game, or needs instructions on how to play I can help people do combat or lifeskills.
  6. We haven't quite named our guild yet but there is a least 3 of us confirmed to start to come over from ESO I am trying to get more. People want to grind hard to node war but I don't think that is intelligent. We would like to start a positive karma (alignment guild) for PvE and Roleplay Purposes, and eventually get into Node Wars. None of us are strategy slouches a lot of us have U.S. Military Experience. it's just the time investment to get a guild into nodewars is quite difficult even though the nerfed the bonus AP for elite players. So on a new release it is better to have a farming guild and the problem with PvP is it requires full TET equipment so that takes some time it is better to not rush into it. anyways my name will be Ludius Vox in game most likely or some derivative of such I will probably be in game recruiting. I Am not sure how they are going to handle voice chat on this version of the game, I have played on PC I am almost level 60 on PC but a lot of my friends can't afford gaming rigs so I ahve been waiting for this platform to come out.
  7. I am exited that they are adding valencia on launch, does anyone know when they will add dreighan and kamasylvia and the ocean? Is the ocean released on launch?
  8. yes I pre-ordered ultimate. I am almost at PvP level on PC but a lot of my friends don't want to invest into gaming rigs so I came onto PS4 to play with my friends I ordered ultimate edition
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