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  1. It's in error, you are supposed to only be able to add 1 crystal slot the UI incorrectly displays 3
  2. the console market seems to be not well managed and honestly the NPC prices for buying goods is not that great compared to market demand for crafting materials, or high enhanced equipment.
  3. loading delay is a big problem in PvP right now, the advancing aggressor has to process more data incoming to load paper dolls and thus has a delay on visibility which gives the defender an advantage. It also makes tactical moves in NW like flanking, or surprise attacks not accessible in the game.
  4. The black spirit escape command works just fine on default buttons but a lot of us don't play on default buttons forcing us to make extreme contortions to try to use escape command, could the black spirit escape be placed on the "ring menu"?
  5. ludiusvox

    First Post!

    I am just curious in what yea'll prefer playing the Valkyrie. Some people were saving their dande boxes and stuff and I know dande was buffed to compensate for succession, so we have a buffed dande already but no buffed succession skills so the patch is 1/2 complete.
  6. You cannot datamine these statistics with the amount of grinding time you have available. You may have a .001% chance base so 50%+12% would be .00162 which isn't much difference. Statistically you would have to grind 100,000 mobs or more to get a full data sample.
  7. The only resource available is the PC BDO map which is "framme's BDO tools" which isn't accurate for this version of the game but you can figure out the general idea from that.
  8. You use Purified water during the day, star anise tea during the night.
  9. I know for a fact that the BDO character button customization and ring menu's are in volitile memory sectors on the PS4. If my PS4 is unplugged for any reason I lose all access to volitile memory data stored on the PS4. A fix for this is to put the button config files and other settings writing to the hard disk instead of keeping it in ram. I have never jailbroken a PS4 before (Even though I have an extra to do a MITopenCourseWare class), to figure out functions on the PS4 or developer mode so I am unsure of the exact fix.
  10. My GM has a decently high gearscore and he goes to Battle Arena a lot late at nights. He started getting salty about people CCing him through timed super armor. So I went in there and sparred with him a bit and was able to recreate the bug. Super Armor in the breath of elion skill makes you immune to grab, stun, freezing, float correct? Anyways it's not working correctly and I think it's because of uneven processing possibly in the code. I don't have a traceroute, ping plotter and other functions like I do on the PC client, so I am not sure of my latency, or the other players latency. A solution is to add a time independent logic check with retroactive synchronized time down to ms/ns, to check time inequalities and and field checking for status effect. For example if an attack comes in at 3:23:23:713 but the super armor came in at at 3:23:23:702 then it would logic check that super armor was already applied even though the mainframe may have not processed and released the data at the relative time, if there is just inequality logic for the timestamps of the action buttons. I am pretty sure sony has synchronized time on the PS4 OS I never set the time just the time zone. And the PS4 OS cannot adjust the clock like on PC
  11. Yes last NW 1/2 my time wiped from invisible forts, invisible AoE, and invisible players. we are not fielding 25 people so losing 35% of our team to an initial load in when we had 3 guilds politicking on us was not good for us taking allied bombing. We managed to snake a couple of kills anyways we weren't serious, but it would be nice to enjoy the game, NW participating is not all about winning, just having fun. But the game performance is so bad right now I think we are going to hold off until the Dev optimization patches go through. PvX is playable at this point, and BA works.
  12. I only spent $10.00 on PC buying this game, and bought a few value packs, some desert camo, and 2 tailoring coupons for the costume mill crafted costumes (I prefer those). It was literally the best value I had ever had in a video game and when it was being released for PS4 I bought the Ultimate edition. I think it might be difficult for Pearl Abyss to lower the initial cost of the game, but I thought it was so good I got 18 people to sign up for PS4. I have playtested some other games thoroughly like shroud of the avatar and such and Shroud basically stays in business by catering to boomers and seniors who make up most of their player base because they were ultima online fans. I was really skeptical about playing this game at first but, I find my "minimum payments" to be lower than elder scrolls online.
  13. My guild puts a lot of people in jail at fogans. We have 3-4 people at 530-540 GS, a lot of guilds war dec on us and get farmed. Most PvPers mostly pick on low level players. They prey on the weak like predators. If they can't win a group fight their solution is to witch wizard invisible AoE zerg. They are salty posers.
  14. I am level 59.35 right now since the valkyrie release. I did MSQ to 51 (Many mickel takes a pickel was not available since it wasn't the first character). I went to pirates 51-56, did the valencia MSQ at 56 or 57, did some bashim and gahaz grinding for scrolls to finish the drop rate. I did a lot of SP on the dummy up to 1200 SP. once I hit about 58.5 I did some questing to 59, yesterday I did all calpheon, balenos, and serendia combat non-daily exp quest. Now I am going to finish up mediah sidequest and I will be out of quests. Hopefully I will get 60 soon but I think I am gonna run out of quests.
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