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  1. Also 10 AP is extra from MacLeod Crystals (general AP not monster AP), how am I killing Aakman mobs if I can't do Trees and the AP requirements different, becauase of Elite Boss spawn probably? Where Mansheum and Tungrads which one if you could address that.
  2. Black star isn't that difficult, there is a level 62 and a level 55 option to do on the quest.,... I guess you haven't done it before? You don't have to be that high level to craft a blackstar. The AP bracket is sound reasoning. I am on book 12 of Bartali Log or so I feel you there. I understand I will calculate how to get to 235.
  3. Xbox has so much more damage than PS4 right now I can see the difference in the Katzvariak fights right now because the time that the Xbox players are killing Katzvariak is so much faster than any PS4 server. PS4 players have like 5-6 trees groups per days but it's not nearly as high end as the xplay or the Xbox servers. Adding in Star's End wit Black Distortion Earring and Blackstar is not going to damage the game because it gives high level players a challenge @ 251 AP which a lot of players are at and it helps them to help level 60-61 players to actually get to 62.
  4. I was looking at the Narc Ear Accessories also with the +damage to kamasylvians. On PC people solo mirumok with succession and caphras but I am able to kill Aakman mobs with unawakening but I am going to a TET dragonslayer right now (It might take a month or so who knows), so I can start doing aakman because they are killable with 222 AP with villa buff +10 and macleod crystals +10 and food +5, and if I have to put 2 +5 crystals I can. I got a lucky 1 tap TET on my red nose chestpiece and with Villa buffs and self buffs I don't take too much damage from Aakman with the fairy helping also for just incase.
  5. The requirements to get to level 62 are a little bit unequal for many classes. People are quoting me 235 (TET kutum, which I have), but coming up with the extra AP to go from 222 AP to 235 (13 AP), will require me (4 AP from 1 crescent guardian ring, 6 AP from two tungrad jewelry pieces, and 2 AP from basilisk belt), that still leaves me 1 AP short I shouldn't have to go above soft-cap on a class just to join a mirimok gruop. The solution is to relase BlackStar expansion which a more advanced player can help me through stars end and then I can buy/farm the quest piece and do the low level quest grinding part and get a BlackStar to Tri. That extra monster damage should help clear the requirements for the trees groups because Valkrie is low DPS class and people are saying I might need even 240 AP and I am not sure where it's going to come from, without going for PEN. But if you guys would release blackstar weapons which has no effect on PvP, it allows people to clear trees groups with lower AP requirements because of the mosnter AP.
  6. What is the node war caps for each gear score for each node and each server? Some people are speaking of some low gear-cap nodes and as far as I was aware T1 node was 550 GS total requirement level 60 but I am hearing about some lower GS nodes with lower caps what is the issue?
  7. right now the device engineering for macro-keyboards and macro-controllers is too compact and easy, and it's not neccesary to reglatate, just fix the system wit ha auction bidding like real livestock or something else. Some of these Dev never been to a real live-stock auction.
  8. Right now the demand for T6 /T7 mounts has greatly exceeded demand. The fixed prices are allowing too many customers for the item rarity, causing a mad rush at the market destroying the market and people are losing to macro-keyboards at this point. Sales are in less than 1 second. Please allow prices to increase to accomidate demand and slow down sales and give people more buying opportunities thanks. Suggested price for T6 (280m)/ T7 (560m) cap prices.
  9. I will check once I can get over this cold, and get on RBF. I did RBF on last friday night (I guess that was after the patch), I was still unable to immediately join combat, I had to wait about 20 seconds to allow buffering to occur within clip plane
  10. With PUG groups more complicated games are not going to work so well. I can be very good at these games but it always require teamwork. Once you throw out our ability to coordinate I don’t want to do it
  11. On PC there is elite 61-62 crescent shrine elite Ps4 has a lot of level 61 it’s a great place for grinding SP and crescent ring can it be put in game because it doesn’t require expansion?
  12. To GET to TET to PEN is the point, why should the game give you free stacks when you could be paying other players
  13. Lol you saying you don’t need it because you can’t hit PEN and TET accessory lmao.
  14. I have done the quest twice so far. There is multiple problem with this. 1. PA is trying to sell enhancement kits. There is no reason to buy them just repeat Valencia 1. 2. Other players can not enhance weapons for sale that aren’t BIS or not +18-+20 and actually get sales, even through they did put the devouring mechanic in the game. 3. Non BiS weapons are not worth any silver. 4. Life skill gathering and seal farming is not as lucrative as is good be. 5. Players are rapidly enhancing to 530 gearscore and saying there is nothing to do in the game and quit playing. Another good suggestions is to allow the quest to be available once per character slot and you would have to pay for additional character slot to receive advice of valks reward. Silver per hour there is no way to grind or lifeskill the amount of silver gained from doing 3 Valencia quest lines a day on a character it worth so much silver.
  15. Deleting rerolling 2-3 character a day to do Valencia 1 questline is a huge problem with this game because it causes unnatural progression and people abuse it for game progression and rely on it. it hurts sales in the CM because nobody buys weapons to devour. It’s bad for the game and is cheesy tactic. please make quest rewards 3 run through per family
  16. As a solo player you trying to outgear the content, when the content is designed to be in groups, because of your greed. The valkyrie has a 10 player 15% accuracy buff (equivalent of 100-120 accuracy) for group play.
  17. Dude it would be very expensive for PA to refactor the code at this point. They are attempting world modifications at this point to save development cost my next suggestion to improve RBF is to put BA and RBF on completely separate machines because a machine is cheaper than refactoring the game.
  18. It has come to my attention that there is a group of players who are attempting to upgrade their consoles to gain PvP advantage over other players. On my PC BDO remastered client I have a G910 keyboard, Razer Mouse with Variable Sensitivity, with a SSD. The game has full effects, fast performance with 16GB ram even on bosses. One of the appealing issues I wanted to play BDO console is that we are all on the same equipment so player skill may have more of an effect on the gameplay than simply poeple fighting other people's machines. Unfortunately a lot of poeple who have SSD are upset about the update because the texture buffering, data loading, and other functions are not improving for their setup. Is there any way for Sony software to detect who is using SSD? A comparable illustration is players who on PUBG mobile, and COD mobile who are hooking up bluetooth advanced mouses on mobile games so they can snipe, and close range fight against people on touchscreens, and then post their KDR scores when I am not impressed because it is just a difference of equipment. I personally think using a SSD shouldn't be an engineering requirement, unless Pearl Abyss (PA), wants to change their system requirements on the game globally for the PS4 console and make it under recommended hardware. That being said after the 2/5 patch I noticed a bootup and menu speed performance increase in the UI on console and I haven't had a chance to test world grinding or World PvP yet to see. I personally don't have an issue with the mob reduction for polygon and texture memory reduction because you guys are having to engineer a game for the console performance requirements. I have opted out to not buy a SSD because hopefully this game will come out for the PS5.
  19. It could be lag. Range location. Also there is Iframes to avoid damage if people are rotating those
  20. Lipty that warrior works. I like the red nose armor with healing crystals it's 28 hp per tick it's nice. Bheg is nice but warrior isn't accuracy dependant, and there is a blue lemoria glove coming out with similar stats
  21. External is too slow for this game, and I am not going to bother upgrading my PS4 with a SSD when PS5 is going to be out in months. IT's just not worth it. The problem your going to reach with an external SSD is the data rate bottleneck from the cable and the bus speed of the PS4 motherboard. Honestly I can wait I been PvPing since a lot of these players were babies or 5-10 years old. Waiting for a few months so can enjoy NW and RBF isn't a big deal to me.
  22. I got my valkrie to 60 this weekend. Honestly play at your own pace. The only reason why I have such competative levelers in my guild is because those old farts have no job and either are on disability or retirement and when I start catching up to them when I come home from my job they start getting convinced of their lazyness and they been hitting it in high gear. HummingBirdz my buddy went from 60-61 in a week, he basically grinded 4 hours a day for dummy cash straight grinding no cash and spent the rest of the day on the dummy, and all weekend on the dummy. But he is burnt out now and he can't handle the 61-62 grind. I think they need to chill out just play the game, do the stories, there is plenty of stuff to experience. I did a crap ton of quests. BTW there is a quest in Valencia city palace from a retainer that gives 35% of level 58 if you do the entire quest chain.
  23. Lol you ain't paying enough money for CS developers and this game isn't backed by multibillionaires. If you study the course in university called "Software Engineering" you would have studied the COCOMO series models, and that would give you an idea of time constraints that you are dealing with. Tesla is one of the first heavily computerized vehicles complete with wireless updates and a centralized computational learning center. But you are paying 50-100k for something like that. I haven't even spent 1k yet on this PS4 client. That being said with their budget constraints It will not be immediate fixes. If you want more prompt service go buy a tesla and deal with Elon Musk.
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