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    PVP just seems so integral to the game. I hope they adapt rather than just turning it off.
  2. They have stated and tweeted that it will never happen. It would be really cool to see though.
  3. Haven't had any disconnects here.
  4. Great question. Not sure how long it takes them to create it for a new class.
  5. Yeah, the patch notes look to be missing that part. https://www.console.playblackdesert.com/News/Detail?boardNo=1158&category=0
  6. Post your concerns in the shai specific forum
  7. Nopal

    PVP Damage

    Chased him down.. eventually killed him. This is not pvp... it is bullying. I would rather have a fair fight or at least dispatch someone I clearly out gear.
  8. Nopal

    PVP Damage

    A poor ninja as well. I fought him for maybe 10 minutes because I realized his armor was breaking from all the hits and I could eventually beat him. Sorry for the quality on this one. I had to reduce the size.
  9. Nopal

    PVP Damage

    **Give the page a minute to load the gifs This is an example as to why I think the pvp damage governor should be removed. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that I think shai should be a 1v1 master, but they should have the damage to kill someone. Here's an example of me fighting a ninja that I clearly outgear. No disrespect to either of these people, this is simply to showcase an example. I have 193ap with TRI zark and TRI kutum. Here's a witch taking my entire black spirit rage skill. Have a couple more clips.. but the forums don't seem to want to load them. I will reply with more.
  10. Nopal

    PC QoL patch

    PC players received a QoL patch today. Will we get this as well?
  11. Nopal


    Got the baby elephant as well. Level 5 and I do not have the sprint ability. It is very slow. It's just so crazy to me that a shai specific mount was an extremely limited-time event. PC shai at least have horses now..
  12. I'm assuming you used the DPAD and shifted the camera a bit. Relogging should fix this. If not it eventually resets on it's own. I am not certain what action causes it for me. I do not believe so. If it is, it's hidden. Takes a megaphone to talk to world. Server is the server you chose to log in to. Megaphones can be bought with pearls or loyalties and sometimes come as gifts.
  13. Unfortunately, you linked patch notes from 2 weeks ago. I'd check out the video I suggested. There's also an awakening teaser that shows the process of how shai learned music. The PC subreddit may show that shai can ride baby elephants because they can on PC. I am not seeing anything on the Xbox specific subreddit that confirms this. Do you mind linking it?
  14. That's a bummer. I have 200 silver keys in my bank waiting to trade.
  15. I have seen others complain about this as well. It sounds like you already know how to use the zoom in/out to complete it. I would ask in-game/discord.
  16. There were some of the event shai donkey bug fixes. But I don't have that. Shai awakening was just updated. I posted a vid in the Shai section on that. Did you test if shai are able to ride baby elephants?
  17. Found this on Reddit. The skills look really good! The music blows my expectations out of the water.
  18. This is not possible, unfortunately.
  19. This is not in the game yet. many want it.
  20. Will we be getting the same autofishing filter that PC just got?
  21. Nopal


    Trent asked multiple times for feedback about Shai on the forums and this is what I've got off the top of my head. I suppose I'll continue posting as I think of more. 1.) PvP damage. Laying down to die when anyone or anything comes across their path is not fun. It feels really, really bad. If they were designed to be a support class give me a scenario to support. Group content is few and far in between. 2.) Lifeskilling - I missed the donkey event. I autorun a default donkey around. It's not fun at all. Can't use a wagon to trade. 3.) PVE skills. Shai is really fun. I don't mind having fewer skills as most of them feel useful. I'd rather have fewer that I use than more that I want to lock. 4.) Rabam/Ultimate/Absolute skills. Are we getting any? I don't feel like I am even playing the same game as some of my buddies at times. I won't argue whether or not this is a pvp game or not but for the amount of pvp that does occur, the shai should be able to do something about it. Thanks for your time.
  22. Nopal

    Shai awakening ?

    I wish we had some direction or information about the class in general.
  23. It's not. You can no longer get it. I opened a ticket to ask.
  24. I missed the opening event for the shai and did not get the donkey. Is there another way to get it?
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