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  1. Will there be a 12th character slot available soon? I would like to be able to have 1 of each character class. And I need 1 more for the ninja.
  2. I have the house in heidel 9-4 with family name Resolution. My gamertag is xXBFXx Sniper. But my problem is a lot of my items that are not mini fire pots are saying they are and won't allow me to pick up them back up. My cooking utensils are broke and I'm running out of room to place cooking utensils down because I cant pick them back up afterwards. Please help.
  3. Hi I have the house score of 88k in heidel at house 9-4 but I've had some trouble with the cooking utensils and other objects saying that they are mini fire pots and I cant pack the cooking utensils up. The game registers them as one of the mini fire pots I own. The house is the Resolution house. My gamertag is xXBFXx Sniper. I need help getting this fixed so I can get back to cooking.

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