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  1. Hey everyone I appreciate the replies, thank you for the info. My gear is nothing special, I only brought one character, a sorc, to lvl56 and got the awakening weapon. Got her a grunil set and parked her. I messed with pretty much every character available, put in some decent time with em, and got into life skills while my buddies were around. I kept my life skill characters under 50, kinna made sense at the time... got my fishing and farming to artisan. I wanted to keep going with alchemy and trading but I was pretty much running solo by then and things got boring. Like I mentioned, I never really had any crazy experiences with PvP encounters, it is what it is, win some loose some. Just, everyone I know... like everyone I got into BD with walked away just cause of no PvE only server. I suppose it wasnt for them. The P2W comment was in regards to an incident my buddy was talking about, how a handful of players were wiping a boss area full of players. I never really saw anything like that but then again I only did about few boss fights myself. Its whatever, still a fun game, but def better with friends. Thanks for the info!
  2. Everyone I know on PS4 has stopped playing Black Desert for over a month now. Everyone. I log on here and there but dont stay on long enough to do much at all. I was having fun playing with friends. The issue seems to be that pretty much everyone I talk to have run into more powerful players and have taken losses in one way or another. One friend kept getting killed by other players while fishing. Another was getting attacked while carrying goods from one area to another. Some friends mentioned getting attacked constantly while trying to afk travel. A few friends told me they were getting killed by a group of powerful players while waiting for a boss fight... apparently a group of players can be powerful enough to wipe out an entire boss fight area worth of players. These are just the results of this level of pay to win. I had my fights with other players but not to any extreme extent. I never really lost much through PvP encounters. Now every time I try to convince a buddy to get on and play, they always ask me the same question: Are there PvE only servers? Im not really in the loop so I figured id ask here...
  3. Hey, I had a few issues, but once I linked my account (had to make an account on the console.playblackdesert website, get on Black Desert, go to my profile and hit the "Link your account" button, and add my info) everything went smooth. An email was sent to me with the coupon code and a link for where to put the code. After that coupon items were set to my character in game. At the time I only had one character, so that might have helped my situation a bit. Also, I didnt receive the item immediately, it took.... a day or so? at most I would say. Hope this info helps!
  4. Im new to BDO, still learning the enhancing system. The way I see it, the enhancement system is a nightmare. You can actually completely loose items trying to enhance... thats crazy. Also, no matter how hard you grind, theres never a guarantee at enhancing, and the higher the gear the more it costs with every fail. I suppose some people enjoy this, somehow, but thats not how I like to spend my game time. The market is an alternative route I will use to obtain my gear, though its not too efficient. I posted for TRI Grunil shoes and gloves, top offer, for 5 days now.... 5 days and no one has grabbed those offers. Theres about 10 people who are waiting to purchase on that list last time i checked, there was less when I posted, so the number has gone up. This is probably cause no one wants to bother enhancing those items to TRI just to sell em... I wonder why. Some people call it a "challenge", that if I dont deal with it im not meant for a game like this.... lmao, the growth of my businesses are my challenge, this is my game time, and im in this for the combat. The way I see it, some people like punishing themselves on their spare time. Im gonna avoid enhancing, Ill do life skills, and fight mods instead. One is relaxing, the other is fun, it works for me. Ill make my silver that way, and post for my items on the market. Im in no rush. There are other games out, theres also life* Thats just a new players perspective anyway. From a business perspective, I give it up to PA, they have a good thing going. I did notice you can extract enhancement resources from pearl outfits.. pretty hard core move.
  5. Not going 50 means youre holding yourself back from a lot of fun. Like some have mentioned, you dont get attacked often, and even when you do man its no big deal, its never excessive. Get your fav characters over 50 so you can enjoy the full extent of the combat this game offers, and keep a few characters under 50, use em for life skills and such.
  6. I run 250mbps connection, on a 4 month old ps4 slim with a 1tb hdd and the latest firmware. I also have the performance set to hide other adventurers. Im located on the east coast. Im experiencing massive lag during fights, some of my attacks dont register, i run into invisible walls even while autorunning my character will just get stuck in the middle of the road in run animation, enemies appear out of nowhere, rendering is bad... and.. I didnt have these issues during the beta. Only the rendering part. I honestly didnt expect such issues. This game has been out on pc for years, and is also on xbox... you would think performance out of all things shouldnt be an issue.
  7. I noticed this both on the boss fight, and on regular enemies. Some of my attacks hit but dont register. I notice this a lot when using magic arrow, with the witch. btw I run 250mbps connection, on a 4 month old ps4 slim with the latest firmware... 5.55 I believe. I also have the performance set to hide other adventurers.
  8. The other day I did the kzarka battle with a buddy. He died towards the end of the fight, used a teat to revive but got glitched in a state where he was dead but in a way alive. he couldnt move at all, lost the drop, hat to close the app... it was a mess. The boss fight, overall, was a lagfest.
  9. The chat filter is primitive, you can literally add a space between the letters and spell whatever you want. All it does is mess up normal words that spell small filtered words within them.
  10. Town Quests should be categorized by town. I have a bunch of town quests that dont tell me which town theyre from. Some are near by, some are across the map. Things would be more efficient if those quest were categorized by their indicated town. Beginner crafting quest should be prioritized. The quests that teach you crafting should appear before any crafting quest that requires prior crafting quests to be completed. Same should go for any quest that has prerequisite quests. I got a little tangled up with quests I couldnt complete because of prerequisite quests I didnt find yet. Some of these quest issues are frustrating, time consuming, and can turn a players inventory into a mess. - which leads to a suggestion outside of questing - we need the ability to have a personal inventory in our residence, not something we have to rent, and separate from the town storage. Discovery quests can use a waypoint to a general area. Perhaps a nearby town npc can direct the player. We should be able to scroll over quest rewards and identify them, that way we can prioritize better. I understand after a while we become familiar with the reward symbols, but it would still help whenever we come across a reward we havent seen yet. This goes both for the quest page, and for npcs who offer quests.
  11. I hear that, at least they kept the rules of downgrade and gem loss, kinna balances things a bit... I dont suppose theres any plans for a PvE server, just to cater to both sides of the preference? I actually know people who would buy this game if it had PvE servers, but they dont understand its really not as bad as they think. The jail debuff actually sounds a bit interesting, like a stealth gameplay trying to escape... I probably have the wrong idea though. I doubt ill ever see that, Im not the type to jump people, really no point. Mutual PvP in a open area on the other hand is fun! Get to learn my Sorc a bit more each time.
  12. Dont worry about getting jumped, its not as bad as some make it out to be. Stay efficient, if you see more than a few players in the area, look at the rest of the servers till you find the one with the least amount of activity. PvP will happen no matter what, some players just run through areas jumping blues, its nothing. It actually makes you a better player, youll become more aware of your radar activity. If you notice someone on your radar, take a look to see if theyre red. If they are and headed for you, get ready for a fight. Win or loose, it will make you a better fighter just through experience alone. Every class is capable of putting up a good fight. Down the line there will come a point where youll be looking forward to someone trying to jump you, just to test your skill and gear out. Long as you understand that BDO is a open PvP game, and keep a cool attitude towards it, you might even make friends with people that can show you a thing or two about your gear n combat. So far ive died more from enemy npc mobs during lag, than I have from real players. All in all about a handful of times, so its no big deal. Enjoy the game!
  13. The brightness issue has been a pain to deal with. Hopefully theres a fix coming sooner than later.
  14. This explains why every npc takes time to load, like, literally have to stand in front of where they appear and wait a few seconds (literally). Same goes for enemies, they dont appear as you close in on them, they just pop up out of nowhere... so this was a part of a "fix" attempt? Oh man... as if world rendering wasnt bad enough already. So with the PvP server I can basically go on a rampage jumping whoever I want in PvE, and when I feel like getting back on track I just hop over to the PvP server and get a 50% increase in drop rate. I bet this doesnt sit well with players who favor the PvE experience. I have friends who didnt get on this game cause of the PvP aspect, even though I tell em to this day that its really not that bad... its actually fun, and keeps you on your toes. Anyway.. The game feels broken, and its a shame things on the xbox side havent gotten any better after all this time. This is starting to look like a bad investment.
  15. That is terrible news, but I appreciate the info man... this is bad, theres too much lag. Honestly Ive died about a handful of times so far, most of them were from lag spikes during combat; one moment I have full health fighting a mob, the next im catching my final blow coming out of a lag freeze. Ima fall back on BDO a bit.. im down to two friends who still play it and they both bought that control game earlier this week, so ive been solo. Lets see how things go through september, hopefully the lag settles otherwise I cant see me sticking to this. The game feels broken. Btw, I run a 4 month old ps4 slim. Quiet as a ninja, even during all the lag. They added a PvP server? I thought all servers were PvP after lvl 50, whats the point of a pvp server? Are they adding a PvE server as well?
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