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  1. if it's with the Special Honey Jar, there is one between two shai priest if you go to the tree directly in the direction where Theia is looking (the shiny kamasylve tree circled with a bunch of priests). Other than that, I don't know.
  2. It was UTC time for maintenance, so i think it will open at 13.00 actually for us ( France, but we are in the same timezone). I hope it's just that 😛
  3. Amrael

    Node bug ps4

    Fame(the money you get daily) is tied to your level,knowledge and life skills level... Not on how many contrib point you use.
  4. That's me that said i made the first part of the quest. We don't the quest up to roaring armour like on PC, but only the first part for now As far as i remember i had to accept the "promotion quest" from the BS while in calpheon region(like the ring one that isn't proposed by him if not in calpheon region). I think he send you to Valks,or encarotia. Was in full bash mode during those days so i didn't really pay attention, sorry . Only thing I remember clearly is that i've done all the black spirit's black stones quest around trent before having access to the one that promotes you . Once done with that the Black Spirit finally send me to see the blacksmith in altinova for the the upgrade
  5. Not sure for this one since I really didn't pay attention when doing it, but i think you need to "promote" from the daylies in calpheon to have it ? Try to see Valks in calpheon i believe (or Enrique Encarotia ? can't remember ). It's probably locked behind a quest chain that you still haven't done. Try check into Suggested panel in the Quest menu.
  6. Nha, it's not ridiculous to want to save time. At any point in game we all do it. but wait for release for an army of trolls to start burning the game on its supposed P2W ground. It happened on PC, and XBOX, it will on PS4 too ^^ the only "really needed " thing you need in the CS are pets nowadays. Rest is convenience, as you see fit. But be ready to see a ton of people popping after release trying to convince everyone that the Grand Scheme of P.A is to run you dry of money, with each subsequent update. As long as it satisfy you, play as you want. Nowadays, almost all of the CS is far from necessary/mandatory. that's my point .
  7. Witch on Release. Lahn after that (with probably a Shai along the road too). Except if I go where i want skill point wise on the witch before we get Absolutes and Rabam skills) Will shelve everything once Mystic lands on console though.
  8. well, the "weird" part probably comes from the fact that on console, horses costumes are managed in the player inventory, and not on the horse profile page like on PC, had no trouble on console to switch those either. Only had trouble to figure out that it wasn't on the horse menu like on PC :p
  9. For what we had on PS4, most of my bugs seemed too like coming from memory leaks. PC version isn't exempt either of this problem, but the sheer size of the game world (and the 3D engine used) explain in part why this is hell to "fix".
  10. well, you could have gone around this by quickly creating a US account on your PS4 just to DL the US client, that what almost all of us that had the bug had done at some point. As I stated in another post, it's damn easy nowadays : you just need a US postal code... Back in the PS3 days, you had to "fake" an identity and an address. Problem was all on the Sony side for this one. And don't get me wrong : IF this happens for release, I will be one of the first to rage about this.
  11. Only active fishing, and if it hasn't changed, only for throwing the rod farther. AFK fishing doesn't consume energy(but is slower and you won't profit from good fishing spot this way, since they are not permanent and need you to move around). Rest of Aetheon post is right on spot. If you really want a lifeskiller alt, wait for Shai : she starts with gathering and alchemy Pro. the only real use of alt energy is the Night Vendor ( and i'm not sure we will have him until Mediah ). The only real use of alt/reroll is to keep different failstacks for high enhancement (+13 to +15), and later from TRI to PEN (+18 to +20 ) since you can NOT downgrade for PRI and DUO(+16,+17) . The introduction of Advice of Valks sold by Blacksmith solved that too, up to +50 failstacks. Some event along the road will also net you some fully filled +100 failstack Advices of Valks. BDO has changed a lot since its PC release, and from my point of view, is more on phase with Guild War 2 cash shop now. Some will object that cron stones(that you can buy from blacksmith) obtained from heating Cash shop costumes for Cron stones (to avoid downgrading while enhancing, while it does not up your failstack count) are Pay to Win : if you are stupid enough to burn a paycheck on that (we are talking on 22 to 30 bucks costumes there), with no more chances than normal that your enhancing will pass, well...you are just too rich, or plain stupid.
  12. For now, crashing every 10-15 min since 20h00PM(should be 18H GMT ?i'm in France... ) (all channel are crowded, maybe due to that ? ). Really hope the final client will be more stable.
  13. Seems to have worked for me this morning. Don't know if they have done something or if it's just because server weren't crowded this morning , but re-DLing the US client allowed me to log back my Witch just right now.
  14. I had the same problem on a lvl50 main quest that asked me to observe a statue in Calpheon. I agree that the controls should be on screen for that , since it's not the same command as zooming camera in and out. For camera zoom it's normally Push and maintain R3 and moving the right stick up and down. For statue examination, it is L2 and moving the right stick up and down.
  15. Same error message , after finishing the 50+ Black spirit quest that lead to Kzarka Shrine (after the CG with Illezra and Kzarka). got out of the temple where Illezra seals Kzarka, but game crashed and now i'm unable to relog with my Witch (game loads but ends crashing with this error code). I can still create and play other chars at least. [edit] after some retries and seeing that there is no data saved locally on the PS4 ; I wonder if my "Bug " is more a case of a corrupted save on your end. I don't mind if i'm rolled back a few hours, just want to play my 50 Witch rather than rerolling. I tried a few times during the last hours, and each time i logged my witch, the game would load (with the little gob ) and ended with crashing with this error code. Quest wise, i was at "Another Way Through" (find Hakkon in Serendia Shrine) in "the Qualities of a God" suite. So I was out of Kzarka Shrine and back into Serendia Shrine, just after talking to Martha Kiyen ( crashed on a pack of mob just after talking to her). But the login page says that my witch is still in Kzarka Shrine.
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