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  1. It would be also nice to have a chance to grab loyalty points and daily rewards from within the app. Sometimes people go on vacation or have jobs that require them to travel a lot. And it's often not really possible to bring the console everywhere with you, then connect it to the internet and so on. Providing such simple feature would keep people away from feeling like they're completely missing out on progress, which might further result in quitting the game.
  2. People panic too much when it comes to PvP. And I've seen protips in general chat to avoid leveling up to 50 because PvP is so scary. It's absurd. PvP doesn't happen as often as you could think it does. Most often when you decide to steal someone's mobs during grinding. I have 100 hours in this game already and I was attacked maybe 3 times. You don't lose exp when you die during PvP fight. Occasional PvP is actually really fun, especially when you're doing the same thing for x hours. It's like a breath of fresh air. I say - do the level 50 quest and don't worry about it.
  3. I have one protip. Whether you afk-fish, ride horse or trade-walk in a loop, after setting the automation just go for the world map view. Your character will keep on doing his job but the nearest environment won't be rendered. Which will make the console a bit more quiet.
  4. Personally can't even log in, getting errors.
  5. Yeah, I fully agree. We need some kind of potato mode, where the graphics are low quality, but the fps is higher and we can actually see the spell animations, even if very pixelated.
  6. I go through the whole process of choosing my region, console, promotions etc. and at the end, when I'm supposed to start, I get an error that I failed to login. The credentials are 100% correct and I can log with them to the official console website.
  7. We're closing recruitment for now. Thank you everyone for the contacting us, I will let everyone know when we're open once again.
  8. New promo video! The game launches in less than 24 hours so it might be a last call for being the founder member of the guild. Come chat with us! https://discord.gg/rRjAtp3
  9. https://discord.gg/rRjAtp3 Join us today.
  10. RECRUITMENT CURRENTLY CLOSED Rebirth - EU PvX guild is recruiting now! We welcome everyone who wants to taste all aspects of this game, including: guild missions, battlegrounds, node wars, xp & cash grind, life skill progression, social meet-ups on discord and more. And all that in drama free, fun and laid back environment. Requirements: age 18+, ability to communicate in English, common sense + emotional maturity, not being afraid to use discord 🙂, will to be a part of the guild and to build it together. We offer: friendly environment, guild progress attitude and help in understanding & expanding game knowledge. Join us today! https://discord.gg/rRjAtp3
  11. Great post, I fully agree with it. And the point about performance is the most important for me. Game worked in around 20 fps for me (standard PS4), which didn't felt good and my console was so loud that it was unbearable without wearing my headset on. I guess I would actually prefer even worse graphics in exchange for more fps. Edit: Actually, I just checked and my PC has a graphic card that is worse than the one in Play Station 4. And yet the game looks ways better and has way higher fps on my PC. So I think it's an optimization issue. Hope PA can improve it.
  12. This behaviour doesn't exist on the PC version and to be honest - it shouldn't. From what I saw, people who play in end-game areas often have two sets with them. One for grinding and one for pvp that they switch on when they see an enemy. Getting a 3 seconds lag after in such situation might cause a death in pvp and it's certainly not something that we should treat as normal.
  13. Region: EU Beta Family Name: MahouShoujo
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