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  1. International PvX guild < Resistance > is looking for PvP oriented players to have fun together. Taste with us all aspects of this game, including node wars, guild mission, battlegrounds, life skill progression, social meet-ups on Discord and more. And all that in a drama free, fun and laid back environment. Requirements: - PvP oriented player. - age 18+. - ability to communicate in English. -common sense + emotional maturity. -not being afraid to use Discord. - the will to be a part of a guild and to build it together. What we offer: - Friendly, laid back environment - Guild progress attitude and help in understanding & expanding game knowledge. - Access to end game content(Node Wars, Guild Bosses). Join us today, comrades ! https://discord.gg/6pYHs6
  2. Europeans can't speak English ? Are you serious dude ? We invented English.
  3. I have missed that info, thanks for shading some light on the matter. So basically we will get the roadmap AFTER the soft start of the game ( 20 Aug)...that is...pure marketing
  4. Hey there, Was wondering if you guys are planning to release a roadmap, so we can plan accordingly.... What I am interested most into would be: 1. Max enchant. 2. What content will be available at launch, a roughly estimate to when new content is planned to be released. 3. Will there be a lvl cap on launch, if yes when will it be removed 4. Field bosses at release, yay or nay. 5. Awakening when. Thanks a lot, in advance.
  5. Should have added a tl;dr because the video is so damn long ! Love it !
  6. Thanks, I joined discord and a GM confirmed 6 classes at launch same as Xbox
  7. Devs confirmed in Discord that we only be getting 6 classes, feel kinda bad tbh...
  8. Yes, 6 classes for PS4 at launch.
  9. That is not showcasing, if that is the case, that is FALSE ADVERTISING. Anyway I decided not to preorder until there is more info on what we are getting.
  10. On the ps store it also says Valencia will be out at launch so I really am confused. I don't get it why they don't make a public statement regarding what we shall get to our money's worth. "From the forests of Calpheon to the harsh deserts of Valencia, Black Desert has a whole world to explore. " - Is at the product description on the store page....
  11. I won't be preordering until they give info on content/classes for launch.
  12. Hey there, I plan to play as sorc main on PS4 ( no hate please ), I own the normal PS4 not the PRO version and I am curious how the sorc pvp gameplay is on the normal Xbox. Is the framerate low, are you guys having a hard time iframe-ing due to hardware limitations and low fps? I would really love some answers regarding how the pvp feels as a sorc before I throw my wallet at Sony and Pearl Abyss just to be disappointed on late game. Thank you very much fellow console players.
  13. "Black Desert is an expansive MMORPG sprawling across vast and various regions. From the forests of Calpheon to the harsh deserts of Valencia, Black Desert has a whole world to explore. Jump into fast-paced action combat, hunt monsters and huge bosses, fight with friends in seige warfare, or fish, trade and craft your way to riches. " - It is on the game description on the psn store.
  14. Game shall be region locked. So if you are from Europe and choose Europe as your server your character is locked there.
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