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  1. You can't make it Unless there's an event for it going.
  2. Pure teenage guild. Go for it!
  3. The real question is, are you gray or white?
  4. Ok, bad game mechanics then. Tip though, repair grunil with grunil pieces for 10 dura. Save memfrags for bossgear.
  5. That's not how it works. Memfrags consider the original color of the item.
  6. I want my +1 attackspeed in costume so I don't have to keep all meals up all the time.
  7. You can ultimate it right away. It doesn't affect the chance to enhance.
  8. With that stock you should aim for tri. Do a tet attempt if you get tri and still have 20 stones. If you do a tet attempt when you're down to 10-15 Stones you could easily end up pri.
  9. What's your level? If you for example are 56-58 that accuracy might be a bit low.
  10. Bex

    How do I grind

    Yes. You kill mobs over and over for xp, skillpoints and loot. The trick is to find mobs that are good xp for you level, that you kill fast enough with your gear, that drops trash for money and/or items you need, and that aren't used by too many others so it becomes inefficient because mobs are dead too much of your time.
  11. Is the guild member missing a leg?
  12. Don't look at ap/dp alone. There are many factors. Gear, crystals, level, guild skills, buffs, Spfor absolute skills all make a huge difference when combined. A lvl 58 with low SP, low guild skills, few buffs, cheap crystals vs a 60 with all absolute skills, maxed guild skills, all buffs and great crystals will be a struggle for the 58. Even 2 of the same level will be uneven. All that before we add in player skill and ability to apply CC, use combos and correct dmg type. That said, Yes you will always get oneshot by someone sometimes. Sometimes I can facetank 3 people, sometimes I'm being killed in 1 combo.
  13. That list is pretty decent. If you don't have 50+ stacks I'd stop tri tries at around 41-42 and add 10 valks cry to it, and start over with tri attempts on a 35ish stack.
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