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  1. Hi all Boxy/Lenatia of the Lambourghina family here, been on bdx for about a month mostly Bal NA servers. What gaan aaan?
  2. This is still an issue. I'm currently doing a long alchemy session in my residence and while i can check on my workers progress by individually going to each node on the world map (via start menu) there is no way for me to feed them and repeat without cancelling my current alchemy task, walking outside to open ring menu, feeding and repeating them, going back inside to my alchemy tool, reloading all my ingredients and setting the task again. It's bloody annoying to say the least. If no ring menu in resi is a must then at least let us customize the start menu so we can set up the options we will require while cooking/alchemy.
  3. This exact sequence of events just happened to me as well. I am now waiting 7.5 hrs for reinstall over steady 11mbps connection. HUGE cost in game.
  4. Well this exact same thing happens to me. Only been playin a couple weeks and have read a bunch of stuff about PC players AFKing to get **** done while sleeping etc but its hit and miss for me on the seXbox. Seems to work if the world map is up on node info page (I have no idea why) with a wired controller plugged in to prevent the controller turn off timeouty nonsense. Give that a crack n see if it floats 👍
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