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  1. You can invest contribution in both the main node and then the sub nodes (wheat,potato,fish, etc). You must first withdraw from the sub node all ur contribution points and then withdraw from the main node itself. Which one exactly are u trying to withdraw? Also if the node you invested in is not connected to a town (shouldn't be allowed to do this....but it happened to me and was bugged) I had to invest in each node back to the town and then uninvest in all of them.
  2. I have been lagging here n there and how long it takes for some npcs to load up is ridiculous. I agree they need to upgrade the servers. They fixed it from the severe lag spikes they were originally having but i feel it could still be a lot smoother.
  3. Not sure of AP/DP requirements for helms, but its a good place to check out once u can. Good exp and some asulas drop there. All black spirit quests are good to look into they give good rewards/exp. After you complete the calpheon quest line do the black spirit quest to get yourself a fairy. If you go into your quest tab to u can bumper over to main or recommended quests and autopath to them (inventory slots are a good one). Once u start getting boss scrolls from the black spirit get one of those per day probably the same one so once you decide to do them you can run a bunch in one spot. For end game you basically wanna slowly upgrade/enhance your gear so you'll be better at pve/PvP....quests and grinding to gain exp/silver to buy stuff. Explore/gain knowledge to have more energy (quests are good for more contribution). Energy is useful to gather materials, invest in nodes for higher drop rates, or turn into pots for later use. Contribution points used for investing in worker nodes/workshops so you can send workers out to gather materials as well as have them craft items for you. And finally life skills if you enjoy making things yourself. Also look into hot spot fishing....its a pretty good money maker if your bored with grinding. For weps you want kzarka for main, and either kutum or nouver for sub. Kutum is better pve and nouver is better for PvP but either will work for both. And best awakening wep is I think dande weps. For armor pieces you want boss armor. Head Giath/Griffin, chest dim tree/red nose, shoes muskans/urugons, gloves bhegs/whatever new piece will be when it comes. Those pieces are interchangeable to get the 4 piece set. Which ones u get depends on how much u wanna spend. I dont do much PvP so I don't need the best of the best I just chose the cheaper versions...though I still need 2 more pieces 😎. I havnt messed around with accessories too much but necklace/belt of the Shultz seems to be pretty decent along with my asula pieces. Good luck bud, have fun!
  4. The game has been out for a long time on pc and they are continuing to support/update it and they still have a healthy player base. Even if we lose a bunch of players I would imagine there would be a decent amount of people who still enjoy it and play it regularly. The fact that they spent money to bring it to xbox (and now PlayStation too) means the game is doing well. They wouldnt spend money if they didn't think it was a good investment....and if its making money I would think they would want to keep updating/adding stuff to keep people interested.
  5. Aint this the truth. Should players be compensated for the error? Most definately. I think the issue with the T8s is that there was a break in the communication line. It almost seems like the gms and people that provide us information don't have a direct line of communication to the ones up top pulling strings and making decisions.
  6. I also don't agree with the extraction on pearl shop outfits, and I don't use it. The weapons and armor you dont lose if you fail it just downgrades....but trying to upgrade accessories? No thanks, I buy mine from the CM as well.
  7. No you don't need an X to play....I run mine on the old school xbox one. With each new big update comes performance issues and then they deal with them and we just had that update Monday night. With boss fights there is a setting where you can remove other players which cuts down on the lag. May also send in a ticket to them in case they have come up with a fix for it.
  8. I have never been a big fan of PvP so while i can't say much on that side of it....there is a lot of other stuff the game has to offer. Ive been playing for 5 months and am still having a good time exploring and questing. They are adding new areas/classes from time to time and you cant beat the base game cost...however note that you will probably be inclined to buy 3 or 4 pets (10 bucks a piece) as they auto loot for you and looting otherwise gets tedious.
  9. Here's a good guide https://grumpygreen.cricket/bdo-gear-progression-guide/ Also just a heads up...once you get gear to duo....if you try for anything higher and it fails it will go down a level. Accessories are more of a challenge in that whenever they fail they explode and are gone.
  10. Sorry to hear about your troubles bud. To my knowledge it says in the terms of use for their game no refunds are permitted and may result in a ban. Is it ridiculous? Absolutely, and your probably not the only one to have this has happened to.....it seems like they are trying to prevent people from buying pearls....buying a pearl shop item and then refunding the purchase, but accidental clicks happen too. Anyways I hope you get it resolved soon, I'm not a big fan of the customer service side either. i have been told that people that have repurchased the item they refunded do get unbanned but I cant confirm as it has not happened to me. Good luck.
  11. Thanks for the info I will avoid the in game one. Are the villa buffs only through the pearl shop tent? I probably won't get the pearl shop one either I feel I've already spent plenty enough 😂, that and I dont mind spending a bit of time running back to town to avoid the 60 dollar price tag.
  12. Im going to be doing the campsite quest soon and I had a few questions I was hoping someone could answer. Is the non pearl camp site even worth it? It seems to me (based on what I've read) that it's going to be too expensive to maintain. Also....are villa buffs something different? I've read there are different villas in valencia you can get a buff from....but I wasnt able to find any further information.
  13. I afk fish every night, its good to level up fishing because once u reach a higher level (skilled I think) you start seeing hotspots out in the ocean. Travel by boat from veila to port epheria and back and look for seagulls flying above spots and fish jumping out. These will always give you gold fish worth good amount of money. If you use triple float rods you have a chance to pull up 4 at a time. Once you guys get imperial fisher vendor those fish will go wayyy up in price when sold to him. Also with afk fishing (do it in heidel by bank) I usually get roughly 5 ancient relics per night which sell for 800k a piece on CM or u can turn em into scrolls and run them to get mem frags to use or sell on CM. As for trading I'm just getting into it now so I dont know a whole lot....ive heard at first u don't make much money. Find a town that has a workshop (lumber, crop, mineral) and buy it for cp. Then send the material that youve been getting from nodes to that towns bank. Hire a worker and have him make them into crates. You also need black stone powder which u can buy on CM or if you mine rock you get rough stone which processes into black stone powder. Hope this helps, have fun!
  14. Thanks for the response! I may not have had her out, I will give that a try next time I'm on.
  15. So I got a skill on my fairy that lets me revive without losing exp once every so often...however when I died there wasn't an option to use the skill? Anyone experience this or know how to use it? Thank you for your time :).
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