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  1. Capslock isn't hard coded into the game or engine. An key press could be used to replace Capslock. Agreed, using the tilt of the analog stick would be more "work". I am not at home but L3 or R3 could work, don't really remember what L3 is mapped to. R3 is just sheathing your weapon but holding it down could work for walking. Dont see it as important tho
  2. FortNite has fewer assets to load in memory, a smaller inventory that mostly resets, and no more than 100 people in a game at one time(which also decreases steadily) It is the easier game to maintain performance. Then there is the money. You can cry about BDO making money but Fortnite makes money too, likely a billion more than BDO. They have deeper pockets and a game that takes fewer resources to run. FN should defiantly run better than most games on the market when taking everything into acount. Again. Bad comparison. One being "free" isn't all there is to it.
  3. Fortnite has cartoon graphics and wat fewer ppl on at one time. Also they make Fortnite money The comparison doesnt work.
  4. I don't generally follow reviews of give them any power over me. Is there any part of my comments that have claimed the console ports to be perfect? I am not protecting anything but find your kind of whining and behavior to be sickening. What about the claims the PS4 version is supposed to catch up to the Xbox version by the end of the year? How do you support that the player base dropped dramatically? You say a lot of nonsense you can't prove and defend your gibberish by attacking me.
  5. Who said the PS4 version is supposed to catchup to the Xbox version by the end of the year? Only one roadmap for PS4 has been published and it is still being worked on. For the little information you claim they have about PS4 you seem throughly confused by it. Black Desert mobile runs better than PS4 too lol rip and the player base has dropped dramatically. Compared to what? People on PS4 are killing field and world bosses in like 5 min. It is twice that on PC if the boss dies at all. You don't have the right information to support your claims.
  6. Regulations just mean taxes. I don't knoe why you ppl imply the government would treat this form of gambling different from all the other legal forms of gambling. Imagine playing a game this heavily into rng and crying about random chance
  7. Don't mashup my comments with your arguments. I quoted one person saying "do not buy" etc and made a reply. My statement was not a direct response to anything about direct buying options. Better luck next time.
  8. This needs to stop Why? If you aren't buying the boxes and other people are, then why should PA(or any similar company) stop selling things that make them money? Do not buy loot boxes At what point in time do you get to tell others how to spend their money? If you don't like something then you're free to spend your money or not spend your money. If other people are fine with it and spend their money who are you to tell them to stop? You people are decades too late. The hippie/freelove/communist style of business didn't catch on. Capitalism is the winner.
  9. Low compared to what exactly? Last I checked on PC there are 88k serendia meals priced at the lowest price with thousands more above it. They are selling but incredibly slow due saturation and no urgency. How lifeskills are setup on console isnt changing the market economy. Parts of the market tank because most people just copy others and selll for the low. The fertilizer and moisture indicators are on the farm plot itself, not the individual plants.
  10. You people are incapable of expressing an opinion or think critically without having an emotional outburst. Nowhere have I defended this company.
  11. Like I said. Think before you post. Your point was unclear and as stated they do have direct ways to acquire things in that box. Everything? All items? The costumes? No clue really. Your point was unclear and well buried under a threat, complaints, and emption.
  12. The hell are you on about. The mystery crate is composed of things you can buy directly, most of which have a price tag of 10 or more. Think more before posting pissy drivel. You aren't even suggesting anything.
  13. Well just changes you'd notice. They could still add data that is needed to future updates.
  14. Unless you're playing on Arsha then who cares about softcapping DP? Evasion was dead as soon as people get Bheg+Kzarka. Stacking acc is not needed once you get Bheg+Kzarka. How is Striker and Tamer a lie? The team doesn't give dates for updates for this very reason. Neither class was promised today.
  15. I was going to change that since my post was put up before your pics/post loaded on my phone. I then reconsidered on this being the sort of conversation I want to have. The verbage still sounds meme-y to me, doubly so considering how far removed this version is from anything happening in KR
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