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  1. Dorf

    DK Mana

    Hey all, just getting back in game and have forgotten which skills help regen mana. Or maybe I dreamt it lol. Going thru pots like crazy. please help !
  2. Dorf

    Plz delete

    SEE ! Two views already and they didn’t know how to reply EITHER ! Help us !
  3. And not to be dramatic or anything but I promise you Mr Comet, I will do my very best for the guild and YOU. I will champion our name every chance I get.
  4. Say Folks, just wanna give a shout out to my new family ! Thank you for letting me part of the club. Everyone I have had the honor of talking to is super cool LOTS of chat to keep you warm ! Seriously, I can’t thank you enough for taking a chance on me. Much love and MUCH respect !
  5. Made a character and had him all set as far as look goes. Loaded into game and he looks homeless! So I try the beauty button right? I find the armor I like and select and save . When I save it pops up a window and says something like... “ No information changed” Is there something I’m missing ? Like level minimum or something. He even has new armor on now. Still looks like he did at level 1 Getting new armor doesn’t change your appearance ??
  6. Grey_Beards huh ? Nice ! I am a “Grey_Beard ! Haha name is Brkhouse. Maybe we could chat and see if I would be a good fit? New to the game and have a lot of questions, If you don’t mind a few questions here and there
  7. Hey folks , new to the game and curious if anyone know how or IF I can even do this. I need to “snap” or re-position the game to fit my tv screen. It’s too large and I can’t see all the options . Most games have a way to snap/ position the game so that the sides/edges fit onto the screen.
  8. LOVE it ! I dunno bout ANYTHING but I know this! She runs WAY BETTER than a warrior. Srsly how do warriors look at that all day ???
  9. Is there a way to re-center the screen on Xbox? Also so is there a way to enlarge the font for chat?? and finally, when I try to speak in world chat , it lets me type the message BUT it doesn’t post? Is there something special I have to do to post in world, differently than in server chat?? Thanks ! Dorf
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