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  1. Hello, since the last patch (10/08/19) the game performance got a really big step down , i'm getting hidden walls more frecuently than usual, before the patch the only place i got hidden walls was on calpheon ad it wasn't many, i was able to move really fast inside, but now it takes forever to move inside calpheon, im getting hidden walls every step, even got hidden walls on places i haven't, like Heidel or Altinova. As part of this down on performance im getting this cooldown bug, sometimes the CD dont start it's countdown and it takes from 30 secs to 1 min to start it, you now what it fells kill mobs without skills? Btw u shouln't let the client controls the CD, its a really really big security issue. Tks for your time.
  2. i tried the quest but looks like its not avalable yet, are Beia's black magic gloves dropable from iron mine?
  3. actually they dont need to make the game compatible, just rework the actuall client to run over a ps5 and give it free to the actually players, the data is saved in their servers.
  4. Hi, so the awakening is now up, so every one is rushing to get your new skills, however many of us are above lvl 56; as you know you have free reskill up to lvl 55.99, sooo, how do we are supposed to reskill?, there will be a skill event or something like this, or do we are force to buy an armstrong's skill guide, or maybe all this lvl 60 box was made to force people to level beyond lvl 56 and force them to pay you $5 to keep playing with his high level character or make a new one? Never mind just found a quets with the an armstrong book
  5. Hi, I'm missing my package too, 3 months value packs, perls, pet, horse, maid, etc, i only recive the ietmes that are exclusive for the pre-sale Thanks Diaconov
  6. Is there any future plan for this?, this idea could have many benefits, i have a fried that actually has an xbox and he said that could be great if he can play with his ps4 friends that doesn't have an xbox, also this can make the community a lot bigger, having both console playing along the same servers makes a bigger community, bigger community means more fun, more fun there is more competition, so that means more money and every one is happy, gamers are happy, the company is happy. Any thoughts about this?
  7. Is Mexico considered in this regions?
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