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  1. The game is not out yet. Go to xbox.com and cancel your order. Easy. Bye Bye...
  2. @[CM] Simon: Any chance for user created custom guild logos?
  3. 00:00 PST like it says on the homepage. Do the math.
  4. Grinding have preparations too. You will need pets wich you buy with real money, you will need a boat if you want to go to pirate island wich is the best for silver. Not to mention the “spot taken” kids will try to kill you and if you dont have better gear you need to change channel.
  5. Dude what are you talking about? Grinding is not the best for income. You get way WAY more silver with cooking for example if you know how to do it and you have the skills
  6. I guess my first one will be a decent liverto longbow. I am tired of enchanting so i will make money with life skills and then buy my gear.
  7. iZarga


    Nice translation. Are you from Hungary too?
  8. Sziasztok. Magyarokat keresek egy jó közösség kialakításához. Fészen csináltam egy csoportot ahol szívesen látunk bárkit.
  9. So the beta ending date is official? November 12?
  10. Judging by his behaviour Daniel is no more than 14 years old so the beer metaphor will not work here :)
  11. If we wont be able to buy anything that means no pearlshop either. Or the word “anything” means different in your language? We might be able to test some pearl items we get from mail but not through item shop.
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