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  1. Region: NA Family: MurderBurger Character: ZugZug Twitter:
  2. Hey sorry for the late response on this, This was a bug that happened to a few people and the only real solution I found was to uninstall the game completely and reinstall it.
  3. Sorry for the confusion I am playing the PS4 version coming out on the 20th. Realized this was the xbox section after you quoted my post hehe.
  4. Beta Family Name: MurderBurger Region: NA My Humble abode, Hope everyone loves it!
  5. One thing I can think of and do not hold me to it... Maybe they installed a SSD? Ssds can help smooth out the low end fps. So in other words the drops in fps and as for screensize.. Screensize doesnt matter. 21inch 1080p or 80inch 1080p same framerate. Pixel amount does not change. Fps is hit when you go from 1080p to 4k more pixels to load.
  6. It's extremely hard to tell the difference but if you venture over to youtube the comparisons that are side by side you can see most games are slightly different not much but enough to keep both systems running butter smooth 😋
  7. Murderburger here, going zerker at the start, then striker after its released. I stream everyday twitch.tv/murderburger_
  8. Stream: Twitch.TV/MurderBurger_ Discord: The Burger Factory Hello everyone! I am a Twitch Affiliate and have been streaming BDO PC daily for around 2 month now. Friendly Laid back community and plan on full-time streaming PS4 BDO! Come throw a follow and say hello! August 9th will be a 20+ Hour Stream August 20th will be 24+ Hour stream Schedule is 8am-3pm EST but on PS4 release i plan on increasing my end time to around 6-8pm.
  9. Just like most other games I would imagine PA will have a different quality setting for ps4 than xbox. If you google most games between the consoles devs always lower the graphics on ps4 to match xbox fps.
  10. I made a quick video to sum up the best package to buy 😂
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