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    please delete

    please delete
  2. All warriors reading and commenting in this post, please submit a ticket explaining the problem. The more than do could lead to a quicker resolution.
  3. Np I'm just wondering what would be happening if this was another, more popular class? Basically any other class haha.
  4. Update, reply from PA : Greetings Adventurer, This is GM Behr from Black Desert Console Team and I will be here to provide you assistance. We understand that you are reporting that you are experiencing game crashes upon using the Warrior's Awakening skills. We apologize for the inconvenience. In connection with this, please be informed that our team is already aware of the issue and we are doing our best to resolve it as soon as possible, thus, we ask for your time and patience as we apply a fix in a future update. If you have any other concerns, please feel free to contact us once again. All the best, GM Behr
  5. I'd submit a ticket and ask specifically. Maybe they can send you a new item altogether.
  6. Can confirm, Solar Flare, Grave Dig, instant blue screen on ps4. Just happened 5x in a row. Head Chase works tho.
  7. I don't think the Dim Armor upgrade is available yet.
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