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  1. I got cash ready for Guardian release now. Literally nobody on Xbox is talking about Kunoichi. Everyone wants guardian.
  2. Are we getting the Guardian class on XBOX or is it just PC for now? Was hoping it would drop on all platforms at once.
  3. This staggered class release to string people along is getting ridiculous. Just release the classes already! I’m like 5 minutes from quitting.... it’s a great game but I want to play a specific class and they are just dangling them.
  4. Wow you’re so helpful. I’m suggesting it as a good idea. It doesn’t have to be eso but they could really use a BG system of some sort. Red battlefield is a joke.
  5. Same. Waiting Valk since release
  6. Please add some type of general battleground that we can constantly queue up for 24/7. Team vs team. Balanced team populations. Try to match Gear score brackets so 530 gs isn’t fighting 420 gs. And add worthwhile REWARDS so people have an incentive to play. Red battlefield sucks... it randomly pops up in different servers and it’s not available all the time. Some of us just like to PvP and a team vs team random queue 24/7 thing would be awesome. Look at ESO (elder scrolls) for inspiration. Their battlegrounds are awesome.
  7. Valkyrie! Hope they just release them all at once. Not really enough time to release them individually between now and the end of the year. Only 4 months left.
  8. Would like an invite. Xbox gtag einherjar7447 in game Heimdallr
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