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  1. On PC it was the same before Valensia-2 content. Then they provided call 5 pets
  2. In one of their streams GM said that "For know you cant grow your CP by cooking". When - I don't know(
  3. Charon


    I had disconnects stable once or twice in half an hour!!!!!!!!!
  4. I caught this error 5-times. On farming mobs, on standing, on running from town to town. It happens once an 30 min or hour
  5. This is a VERY annoying bug. I was killed like this twice +_+
  6. Charon

    Central market

    Yep. I had this problem too. Central Market is too unstable for now and has a lot of delays and cancels of operations
  7. When we'll be able download the game before OBT?
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