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  1. 3 piece Grunil and 2 piece heve for max buffs for extra hp and you still get a + from grunil for ap. weps: Liverto amulet/ Jubre talisman I make up acc with Liverto and a Kalis belt with acc gems
  2. Hey I’m a level 58 sorceress 468 gs interested. I used to main a witch and switched over. I like to think I’m fairly good I take down most similar gs rated players. Been playing for about 2 weeks overall, always room for improvement. I’m about to start a new job so it would be 4 days on and 2 off, so I might be able to make different days, but probably not the same every time, since I’ll be on 3rd shift 8pm- 3am EST. If you still have a spot I’d like to join.
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