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  1. That, but I feel like the GMs need to revamp the guild leaving/disbanding for the game. And I’m partially wondering if there is anything they can do to get me kicked... the alt account would take time, they’d have to be active on it for an extended period of time(50 hours of play time) in the guild in order to be promotable to guild master
  2. From my understanding you need at least 3 people to do guild missions
  3. Currently in the game I am in a guild that has me and two other members who never play. So I am unable to disband the guild due to other players being in the guild, I cannot quit the guild because I was made the guild master, unaware. I cannot promote the other two members to guild master because they never log on, I cannot ban them from the guild because there isn’t enough guild funds, and I cannot get guild funds because there isn’t enough people to get on so I can do the quest. Can a GM please assist me on this.
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