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  1. Quests? I must have missed those. Is the quest reward horse the black one with the white main and tail I see everywhere now? Do you remember the name of the quests?
  2. I'm beginning to question what folks have been saying in the forums, that at this time there are only tier 1-3 horses in the wild and you can breed to tier 5, but I'm seeing an awful lot of Black horses with white mains and tails which is definitely the T5M model. I mean A LOT! I find it hard to believe that there are so many people breeding horses already that they have bred soooo many T5M horses. I'm not sure what to think. Not very helpful to you but you're not alone.
  3. I apologize. I really thought I was in the PS4 forums. With all the threads I read here I know I'm not the first one to post in the wrong platform forum
  4. Thanks everyone for your replies. After more research and input from you all I tried again with T3 lvl 21 m with T3 lvl 21 f and got 3 T4 males. I'm now leveling a pair as I type this to at least level 28. It certainly isn't like it was when I played BDO on PC back in 2016
  5. I've been leveling my tamed T3 horses to lvl 15 and beyond before breeding them but can't seem to get any breeding results other that a T3 Male foal. According to somethinglovely's breeding calculator is impossible. According to them these are the statistical possibilities for a T3 lvl15 Male and a T3 lvl15 Female horse: 3F(6%), 4M(24%), 4F(28%), 5M(24%), 5F(18%) Am I missing something? Is there some kind of limit to breeding levels at this stage in the game on PS4? Are we waiting for some kind of expansion update that allows us to breed higher than T3?
  6. I'm stuck! At the main quest line "The message from Bobby Lauren". It says I'm suppose to use some "Fire Flake Flower Powder" to distract Tito but I don't have the powder in my inventory and the quest log doesn't say how to get it. I don't have enough knowledge to have a conversation with Tito and there isn't an option do anything but the normal options.
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