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  1. Yes and no. Games built on specific engines are easier to do so with. Especially when hey are already made with console in mind Bdo uses its own home brewed engine which comes with its own problems. Though if they were able to map the control itd have to be a slight tilt of the stick is equivalent to caps lock plus direction. though i see the more likely scenario being to map shift and capslock to the L2 button at different levels of being pushed. As that is typically more common when talking about the difference in button press mapping. again the main problem lies with the engine they use which was built from the ground up for this game but has some rather odd limitations in regards to certain things.
  2. for those not ready to cross the sand, there is a river route than can be taken to valencia, but its a 45 min - 1 hour ride by fishing boat from mediah. 1.5 hours from velia. fishing boats can make the trip multiple times. good luck.
  3. with backwards compatibility on the PS5 and the remastered graphics BDO being just a graphics update for the PC version and toggle option in its graphics menu, its likely we'll have the same version of the game with an option to toggle for better graphics and what not in the menu
  4. due to the bdo engine, a toggle walk is... difficult to implement so on PC you're required to hold the caps lock button for it. additionally for the game, the controls have simply been mapped from PC to Console, rather than being designed for console. there isn't a button on the controller that correlates to caps lock so there isn't a button to hold for walking. although i doubt itd be hard to map it over to the L2 and make it trigger sensitive where a slightly pushed is walk and full push is sprint, when out of combat stance. though it's unlikely to happen for a long while
  5. In port epheria when i try to purchase a worker from the worker excahnge i am met with the message “not enough lodging”. this has occurred when i have had free lodging. And this has happened twice with professional level workers. When it first happened i assume it was because someone bought the worker before i did and the game did not have the appropriate message but however the second time i had freshly developed two additional worker lodging and it gave me the same message i backed out if the menu returned and found the worker still there so it seems to be a bug. Hopefully its fixed soon.
  6. Ahhh i see. Damn would have been so cool if you could mix and match from the start. Would have loved to do a water lightning witch and earth fire wizard. considering they’re trying to push new content out more so than rework something thats already decent i guess its a pipe dream then. Though with them trying to add in more traditional roles like healer with the shai maybe they'll circle back for a rework (Not unheard of in an mmo) Though I'm doubtful. anywho thanks for the insight.
  7. Ahhh ok sorry i misinterpreted what you were saying then.
  8. Is it possible to add node management and storage management to the app?
  9. Yeah I noticed the spell effect thing too and have been trying to read the queues from the character animations to attempt to avoid spells. The freeze spell is difficult since it’s a pretty fast cast in comparison to the others. The chain lightning and fireball are a bit easier to predict. Still seeing enemy spell effects would be nice. Because dodging all day just gets silly after a while. Additionally there are some quality of life improvements that need to be made to the game and some general odd ball things that need addressing. I.e. visiting other player homes the old story line cutscenes still existing in Olivia despite the new one changing things up quite a bit (I mean I got a laugh out of it but still) the disappearance of certain quests but references to them still existing (very jarring for people coming over from PC) the removal of the basic combat tutorial for whatever this new thing is UI stuff. Elements that are on the ring menu but not the main menu like the dye. (If the worry is about clutter simply create tab categories in the main menu and lump dye, beauty, and I guess pearl shop under a cosmetic tab or the like). There are things other than dye affected by this. That was just one example.
  10. According to the CMs and GMs this is being worked on. Hang in there hopefully it’s fixed soon
  11. Primarily a Sorc main here so maybe I’m missing something. I also do understand it’s likely need a rework because of the initial design. but aren’t those skills separated into respective elements. Like the water whirlwind one for example. probably not one of their most high damaging skills and more of a stay away from me skill. But using that as an example. Even if the player decided to unlock it, if they didn’t have the corresponding sphere they wouldnt be able to use the skill. Similarly to how if you de-equip the sorcs secondary weapon you lose access to certain skills. like mixing the fire and lightning spheres would permit access to using skills linked to those elements only while in awakening. basically they’d still be locked to only a hand full of skills based on which of the two elements they obtained. In both models I presented for how to best handle this so t doesn’t become OP the player isn’t given full access to every skill so they’d be limited and unable to just take all the hard hitting skills if I’m not mistaken. The more free form model still requires the player to properly repec in order to gain their skill points back and get the skills from the other elements and additionally the elements once fused are locked in as a single weapon requiring them to repeat a weapon creation process to even get access to the other stuff. the other model locks them to the two chosen elements they select limiting the skills they can acquire anyway. while I do like your alternative suggestion if this is truly not feasible and OP. I don’t see how it could be necessarily broken especially if model 2 is followed in terms of how handle the skills and weapon slot.
  12. I mean just add a single item to the ring menu and it defaults to a single press. It doesn’t seem that complicated.
  13. Please also add in an optional profanity filter that allows players to remove the filter if they so choose. i understand this has more to do with Sony but this game is rated M for mature right? And also online interactions aren’t rated by ESRB so isn’t there someway to allow us to customize what we want to see in chat.
  14. I think BDO has a simple party loot system on PC but my memory on that isn’t the best as it has been a while. though i do like the idea. However I know BD is against player trading because they want to reduce gold selling which makes me wonder if the reason a system like that is not in because you could do something similar but instead with grinding rare items. If you’re able to delegate the loot to another player. if that’s not an issue though then a free loot system and having the other party members put away their pets or turn off their auto loot would work if that’s not already in game (though it seems to be loot locked) additionally a slight bump to loot chance when in a party would also be nice.
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