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  1. 😮 I would like to. I’ll end up playing in both servers honestly. If it works as easily as it does on ESO.
  2. Oh. Well, it would still be cool if we did. Lol.
  3. I’m going on the OG Xbox One. If it can play ridiculously modded Skyrim and Ark, it can play anything.
  4. IVXIMIII We should all start the first guild you all, largest and strongest. 👍
  5. This comment right here is the absolute truth. If anything, complaining on forums only makes the wait longer. It makes it seem longer, because of petty bickering. And then, it makes devs more reluctant to give us information because then they think we’re going to complain. Put that energy into doing more research on the game, and it’ll be here before you know it. None of us here have purchased the console version, so we aren’t owed anything. Yes, that’s harsh to say. But at the end of the day it’s life. We can’t just walk into a bakery, and complain about the desserts when we haven’t even tasted them yet.
  6. Literally, what if the beta got announced and released tonight? I would actually lose my mind.
  7. So, I’m quite interested to see what players seek to do once the game releases. I, personally, just want to start a guild and go boating.
  8. I honestly hope and believe it’ll release on the 19th of December. Which would mean the closed beta could take place on the 22nd-26th of this month, open beta would happen the week after, and the rest of November would be tweaks and changes. So, I think the game could honestly release December unless the beta is a massive flop, then maybe early January.
  9. I believe the game will “launch” in January. Here’s why. I believe the game will officially launch in December or very very late November (if everything goes flawlessly) however, the game won’t fully launch as a PC equivelent until January. Now, what I mean by that is that in January, I think the first update will come out. That update would release Tamer, and a zone (and maybe awakenings?) So, it would effectively make the game equivelent to launch on PC.
  10. Yeah, I should’ve definitely made that clearer. I understand where you’re coming from.
  11. I have a question. So, in the sorceress video the health bar showing colors thing was explained but I didn’t really understand it. So, is it something that is unlocked over time?
  12. I understand, and I know the sheer magnitude of those posts. I’ve even posted about disrespect on this very forum. However, I am not one of those people. The post was supposed to be taken with a grain of salt, since if anything, my posts have only been posted with the intent of transparency. However, that still doesn’t justify the dissertation you typed to discredit what I said, even though it was a misinterpretation. Furthermore, I don’t think typing passive-aggressive messages towards me is going to justify where you’re coming from. You said, “Ur long reply just tells me u truly do wonder if its a prank...” so on and so forth. That sentence alone discredits what I said previously, and in of itself is false because I type long paragraphs here anyways. You can’t say “I’m not here to judge” when your entire arguement is based off of you judging what I said. Context or not.
  13. Also, to anyone else who misinterpreted what I said. Again, no I don’t treat it as a prank, and yes I do know it’ll release. I’m simply saying such to prove a point.
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