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  1. Yeah I have the same problem, I could dye yesterday but now it says to activate the pallette again.
  2. I can't even link my account πŸ€”
  3. Hello all, I'm looking for a fun eu guild to join when the game launches. My only experience so far was the beta which I really enjoyed so I'm kinda nooby still haha. My other mmorpg experience is eso on the ps4 too where I mostly played solo/small scale pvp so I'm a pvp'er at heart. Any guilds that have open spots? See yall on Tuesdays 😊
  4. Oh wow that sucks, to be honest I didn't check psn Belgium and went straight to the UK one because I knew they were working.
  5. Sony works Saturdays.. I contacted Sony UK yesterday and they removed the game from my account like people before had said, when I came home last night I could launch the game no problem.
  6. Jammer om te horen 😐 ( sad to hear that) is your main account deactivated as the primary?
  7. I've uploaded me doing it, don't mind the crappy quality and shaking haha. Also please ignore my ugly ass reflection in the tv πŸ˜‚ I
  8. Following these steps I was able to log in with my main account πŸŽ‰ πŸ€— Just deactivate internet, reboot ps4, launch the game and then when the game asks for internet turn it back on πŸ‘Œ
  9. Thanks a lot this worked β˜ΊοΈπŸ€—
  10. What I'm trying now is that I deleted the beta from my ps4 and I'm now downloading it with my alternate account, maybe then I can play with my main account. If that doesn't work I'll try your solution 😊
  11. I was thinking of that happens maybe they'll give us access next weekend maybe? I also fear Sony won't really do anything about till the weekends over but one can hope.
  12. What I can say is that I'm loving the game so far but alas I couldn't really play that late tonight because real life and was hoping to play much sooner on my main account but I'm sure they'll figure it out 😊 My graphics were good and I didn't experience any lag or fps drops of any kind and no issues in general. I come from eso so it's fun to play something that doesn't lag like there's no tomorrow πŸ˜‚ I don't regret pre-ordering the game and I'll be happy when all this gets resolved so everyone can experience the game before launch πŸ€—
  13. Sorry to hear it doesn't work for you guys but it does for me, I'm playing right now. I made an alternate account, deactivated my main and hoppen on the other one and there I can launch the game though if I wanna swap to my main one it won't let me play.
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