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  1. Come enjoy! Follows appriciated!
  2. Add me on XBOX GT: TECO Originalz
  3. Give it a shot, we will be helping players to improve over time Come join our discord and ask questions if needed JOIN US ON OUR DISCORD : https://discord.gg/FVb7tNR
  4. Every class can ask for a trail. Thanks
  5. Integra recruiting PvP driven players. Players who are willing to learn their class and improve over time. XBOX EU Prefered main classes: Zerks/Witches/Wizards Trails are required to join. 3 officers will be trailing you on your playstyle with your class Main requirements: 59Lvl + 400 GS+ = AP + AwakAP / 2 + DP = GS Contact us and write on our discord, we are people too so you can talk to us if you have questions JOIN US ON OUR DISCORD : https://discord.gg/FVb7tNR Check us out at www.twitch.tv/kingoriginalz