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  1. Black Desert Online (Consoles) Liberação nas Lojas Brasil e tradução Português. Venho a través desta petição solicitar a liberação do Black Desert Online (Consoles) nas suas respectivas lojas no Brasil, o jogo hoje já tem mais de 1 ano do lançamento no Xbox e mais de 6 meses de lançamento no PS4 e em ambas as plataformas não foi liberado nas lojas do Brasil assim também como a tradução em Português do Brasil que já existe a quase 3 anos no PC, a pouco tempo foi liberada a linguagem Koreana porém a linguagem em Português não foi adicionada e nem mencionado pelos desenvolvedores, muitos aguardam a chegada do Black Desert Online nas lojas Brasil para poder adquirir e jogar assim como também muitos não jogam por conta do jogo mesmo tendo 7 linguagens disponíveis não ter sido liberado a Português. Aguardamos um parecer da administração do Black Desert Online enquanto a isso. ==== ENGLISH ==== Black Desert Online (Consoles) Release in Brasilian stores and Portuguese translation. I come through this petition to request the release of Black Desert Online (Consoles) in the respective stores in Brazil. Today, the game has more than 1 year in Xbox and more than 6 months in PS4. We don't have the game in Brazilian Stores in any platform, and we know that already exists the Brazilian translate in about 3 years (we know it from the Computer game). The Korean language was recently released but the Portuguese language was neither added or mentioned by the developers. Many of us are waiting for the arrival of Black Desert Online in Brazilian Stores to be able to purchase and play as well as many others. There's a lot of people that do not play due to this. We hopeful wait an opinion from the Black Desert Online administration in the meantime. Link Petition: https://avaaz.org/po/community_petitions/pearl_abyss_corp_black_desert_online_consoles_liberacao_nas_lojas_brasil_e_traducao_portugues/details/
  2. Today once again besides not receiving money from the node we almost lost one of our nodes, thankfully the other Guild saw that it is not working and removed their fort.
  3. The same thing happened with our guild, we are participating in all nodewar and so far only wasted time, today was 2 guilds vying for a node and only one of the guilds could hit the tower, how is this possible? On the day they were 3 Guilds and none of the 3 could break all right, it was just no one won, but only one of the Guilds can break and the other is not too unfair. This needs to be fixed urgently and review everyone who has gained node in this way.
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