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  1. Drunkenmaster702


    played the anthem demo, you'll be back.
  2. Drunkenmaster702

    At Least Let Me In The Club

    That is exactly what I'm starting to think. I've been watching their channel and the constant updates they have( in regards to anthem). I will be buying anthem at this point. Hopefully bdx comes out sooner than later. If anthem turns into a great game, I might not even bother with BDX for awhile.
  3. Drunkenmaster702

    Video game awards thursday

    So True, I'm done waiting for it, when its released ill play it till then. I just don't think it's healthy waiting on something and having absolutely no idea when it will be out.
  4. Drunkenmaster702

    Release date

  5. Drunkenmaster702

    Another Open Letter

    Just give us the game already , patch in whatever else they have in the works. Holiday season is the best time for a mmo game. early next year you have anthem, and the division 2 to name a few upcoming triple A titles. Or for stock price reasons, they may want to wait for the new year, in order to report all gains for 2019. With that being said, you more than likely will see this game in early January
  6. Drunkenmaster702

    Black Desert When

    Tera beta was horrible, bdx was quite a bit smoother in my humble opinion.Beta wise at least.havent played tera in a for awhile though, that game got boring pretty quickly.
  7. Drunkenmaster702

    Camera zoom out not far enough

    agreed, I was thinking that. Il like to get the big picture while I'm playing .
  8. Drunkenmaster702

    After beta

    This fact was stated many times on the forum's
  9. Drunkenmaster702


    If you do some searching there is a guild recruitment topic.
  10. Drunkenmaster702

    Stress Test Poll

    Saturday anytime after four
  11. Drunkenmaster702

    Your Top 5 Things In BD

    1.Playing as a wizard 2. gearing up 3.grinding 4.cooking 5. boss gear
  12. probably wizard, would like to try sorc, but this game gender locks.
  13. Drunkenmaster702

    E3 Briefing - BDO

    Yeah, I’m pretty disappointed, was looking forward to a summer beta then release. With a release next year they are gonna be going up against anthem, the division 2, etc. should of pushed for a 2018 release. They lost out on a lot of money, waiting like this.