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  1. loving unplayable good job PA
  2. So. This is pretty bad actually. The New area added from latest patch crashes game continually. It's not a small thing it's around every three seconds. It ridiculous. There's nothing around that should do that. Seems broken to me. Crashes back to Xbox home screen.
  3. Tired of going to Bosses and it's an utter nightmare latest. Can't look body cause your garbage servers need to have some maintenance or something. You keep rolling out new content and can't even get the issues taken care of. I'm not f2p either I have put money into this game. Tonight I couldn't look Karanda. I tried moving down the hill and back numerous times and it showed the get item loot but it wouldn't let me loot. My pets couldn't even loot. Fix the servers and the lag before you keep rolling out the content.
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