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  1. PS4 is having this issue and I wonder if devs even take a look at forums as this issue has not been resolved and its been around for years. Hopefully they fix it soon since I hate having unfinished quests in my questlog
  2. this is why I dont rng it, I just force everything and it ends up being cheaper for me
  3. I bet its going to be Valkyrie and Tamer.
  4. If you got an item from the quest you deleted and its still in your inventory it wont let you start that quest again so delete the item.
  5. can I join your guild? psn: DeadMemeSensei
  6. Can I join as well? PSN : DeadMemeSensei
  7. I thought Black Desert was a one time purchase? so really all you paying for is ps plus which you pay for anyway if you play other online games.
  8. Had to make new character for basteer weapon lol
  9. You also have to make sure you weapon is not drawn or else it won't work. I had that issue.
  10. Dont think its a hardware issue since the game was running just fine during early start and it only went downhill when the game launched for everyone which leads me to believe it might be player volume that is affecting these issues and that can be resolved with more servers.
  11. Killing Belmont was the end of the questline in Calpheon but then a new questline starts that takes you to Mediah. I would say keep going since you get Grunil armor in Mediah and might as well go to where everyone else is at. I recommend you get a yuria weapon (you can buy them from the armor vendor in Calpheon by the bank with affinity) and grunil set (Mediah vendor) enhance them all the way to duo or tri before you worry about getting boss weapons or armor since they require alot of money to enhance and repair.
  12. you have to craft one with workers or buy one when others do
  13. even on ps4 pro im having the same issues with stuttering and disconnects. they need more servers for sure.
  14. what you are seeing is probably a witch/wizard skill they can summon a light orb to give them mana.
  15. pretty sure they are doing that cause it happens to me too and i for sure save the settings.
  16. yea I was level 50 did all the quests and had ultimate basteer +7. got it working now though, seems you have to talk to the black spirit while in calpheon for it to pop up and I was trying it in heidel.
  17. Is anyone else having trouble getting the "For A Sharper Weapon" questline from the black spirit to start? I read online that as long as you are lvl50 and have a Ultimate Basteer +7 weapon equipped the black spirit will give you this quest but It's not starting for me. I really wanna do this for the blackstones so if anyone found a way please let me know.
  18. You can do this quest without timor on the ps4 by talking to Nieves the Herb Vendor in the same area.
  19. did you have to find it in the playstation store or did it start downloading automatically?
  20. According to what they said here predownload for open beta will be on 08/07/2019
  21. Still 0% for warrior lul gg. going wizard myself until musa comes out.
  22. 6 classes will be available at launch: Witch, Wizard, Warrior, Sorceress, Berserker, and Ranger. As far as family name is concerned PC and Console are separate so its not a guarantee that you'll get your old family name unless you use it before anyone.
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