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  1. oXweebleXo

    Campsite on other character

    Yea figured it out eventually. Thanks
  2. oXweebleXo

    Campsite on other character

    Anytime I try to use it on other characters I get "this horse is not owned by the player" Any idea why that is
  3. oXweebleXo

    Still no petals

    Yea I had a day of 8 from gathering. Next day nothing
  4. oXweebleXo

    Spinner skill

    Not enough skill points
  5. oXweebleXo

    Grana zoom

    Zooming into Grana doesnt work properly. When you initially enter its zoomed. Then zooms out if you try to zoom in.
  6. oXweebleXo

    Poacher's missing chest

    They dont srop it. More like guarding it. The spot they spawn at will have the chest on the ground from the ones I killed.
  7. oXweebleXo

    Authentication error

    Open a ticket had this issue when it first releases on game pass
  8. oXweebleXo

    Somethings that would be nice

    A way to distinguish workers. We all have the same workers and when they are maxed it's hard to tell workers that have the skills related to the task. Perhaps the ability to name them. See through sails on the fishing boat. Currently best thing to do is change the height of your camera angles. Refresh the guild missions. Would be nice to able to use guild funds or any some sort of reward you get from completing missions like a token. Opacity setting for mini map. Would just be nice. Hiding your own name. Theres already so many things on the screen and really I dont think anyone needs to know what their name is. Disable "cover me" when dismounting a horse. Lol why is this even a thing.
  9. oXweebleXo

    Lower quest level requirements

    Nah. That's your penalty not wanting to join the pvp aspect of the game.
  10. oXweebleXo

    7 day value pack for linking

    So I havent gotten this code for linking my account. It's been linked since the hawk pet. Anyone else have this issue before I open a ticket?
  11. oXweebleXo

    Mouse and keyboard support

    They have said in stream many times the response time between kb&m bd controller are to big of difference for them to add such support unfortunately
  12. oXweebleXo

    T8 horses according to GM's last month

    Show where I asked for a refund or any sort of compensation.
  13. Cant really do anything afk at it's current state. My game loads anywhere from 5-30 min.
  14. oXweebleXo

    T8 horses according to GM's last month

    Lol I dont disagree. It would take so much work to figure out who used resets for which horse
  15. oXweebleXo

    T8 horses according to GM's last month

    Number 4 falls into this category...