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  1. Whoa didnt know those coins were rare. Sitting on over 230 of them
  2. Just rebuy the Pearls you got a refund for and you'll be good. I had the same issue. Dont open it if you see it in your pearl inventory though.
  3. Cause you cant do it people cheating. Go crab a capri sun and sit in the corner
  4. Pearl shop tent when resting should give +X to energy just like beds from pearl shop. Also changing all pets to cautious or agile at once
  5. I bought 3 t7 horses just by refresh and timing. I dont need a script to do so.
  6. Hows it work. I have that and the healing one unlocked but cant get it working
  7. Yea I tried that but we only have 4 in our game and i didnt want to spend millions entering all the villas to find that guy
  8. oXweebleXo


    If this was true arsha members would be unstoppable lol
  9. You have to take the stuff in it from your other character out. Weird warning for it but that's the reason
  10. Or life skills over professional 1 also help it
  11. Yea figured it out eventually. Thanks
  12. Anytime I try to use it on other characters I get "this horse is not owned by the player" Any idea why that is
  13. Yea I had a day of 8 from gathering. Next day nothing
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