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  1. I bought the desert pack on my Musa but got the DK one, pretty sure I picked Musa but I could be wrong. i don’t play DK, you can’t sell the Guille that comes with it or melt it for Cron stones but no worries, I’ve not equipped it, it’s still in my pearl inventory CM will help me out as I only want to change it for the Musa one. No help at all, because I opened the box which was when I realised it was for DK not Musa they say they can’t do anything, total BS ofc Terrible customer service
  2. I have to ask how you've come to that assumption, PC has 5 pets and I see no reason why we won't have 5
  3. Why can’t the stream be earlier, for us in the UK that’s 3am, 4 for many in EU ☹️
  4. I so want Musa, I don't agree with just 2 classes as a lot of us are just waiting to start our preferred class choice so we're in a no man's land on a class we'll drop.
  5. It's not game breaking and yet so annoying just like the pet special ability turning itself off automatically each time
  6. Yeah that’s the post I read just couldn’t find it again, I’ll add that to our Discord, thanks
  7. So at least 5 times a day we have confusion in our guild Discord chat on what time we can play the game with many really sure it’s midnight Monday night. Im pretty sure I read it’s 7am UTC, that’s also the time of Xbox launch and our Beta launch so its most likely this, however trying to find an official comment on this is impossible, it’s like it’s a secret, a few of us have even asked on their official twitter to only be ignored. Anyone with better google skills than me could you find something lol? I’m going to go hunt that pot of gold at the end of this rainbow, I’ll have more luck.
  8. That's an excellent detailed response, thank you
  9. As I'm one of the unlucky ones who can't get past the error issue and play even after trying the workarounds I have a few questions. How's the performance on a standard PS4, any heavy lag and or graphical issues? How's it feel on the controller, are you able to track a single target easily and navigate easily? How do skill combos feel on the controller, are they awkward to cast? How does it look graphically as you run around on standard PS4? Any major issues/bugs popping up? Are you enjoying it? Thanks for your time you lucky guys 😀
  10. No communication for a while, probably gone home for the weekend, the workaround didn't fix things for me either, created a new account, followed the steps, pretty frustrating
  11. If you deactivate your account don't you lose your friends on there etc? I'm missing something I think, new PS4 player
  12. You're sure you're not playing on US servers though? If so you won't get your rewards on EU possibly, did you have to create a US account to be able to get the US beta? Did that beta then show up on your EU (main account)?
  13. My only concern now is if anyone doesn’t get to participate in the beta due to this will they still receive the free Hawk pet, pets are a huge necessity in this game and it would be unfair to miss out
  14. If this was my company and my Beta I'd be all over updates, even if hourly to apologise and let us know they're still waiting on Sony, to them it probably seems pointless but as a customer it stops you feeling forgotten. This is the time they should be on top of communication, if they're not bothered now I hate to think of the level of care we'd get once they have our cash!
  15. Can anyone from EU remember roughly what time live servers opened for early start, trying to decide if I should book the day off work or not 😀
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