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  1. Just do the main story, you get loads especially early on, another reason to do main story quest is a lot of events and upcoming content have quest completion requirements and you only need to do it on one character.
  2. Although you may naturally become a tad defensive over the post above me please think on what he wrote as between the lines he’s offering some solid advice let me explain. unlike other MMO’s swapping between characters is really expensive time wise, it’ll also slow down your progression overall, The important thing here is it’s your money so obviously do as you see fit but honestly unless you’re wealthy and plan on spending a high amount over time you’d be better finding a character you really like and spending that money on them. There are some items that really help, if you plan on having a Fisherman for example then inventory slots for them, use one character for all life skills works out cheaper. For your main one big inventory slot expansion would be enough, lots of weight, have you got 5 x T3 pets (most important unless you only life skill) The Tent is a really good expensive purchase if you grind (wish i could afford this one) Overall it’s just better for your bank and in game time to work on your main first, give him the benefits of your cash first if you haven’t done so first, your alts don’t need those outfits as a priority. Have a good game.
  3. As I play I get a 1/2 second lag/stutter ever few minutes, the fans on my PS4 stop for a 2nd too then it all catches up. Using an external SSD so hoping it’s not that causing issues
  4. You say mix them but you are combining them through Alchemy right? also you’ve made a silver diamond ring and not just a Silver ring?
  5. Although people always inflate their earnings and don’t add in other considerations like costs and time added (with fishing a return trip to Valencia to hand the fish in is like 45mins or more, which cuts into the real earnings ph a lot) having said that fishing is a good option for a break from the grind and his numbers won’t be too far off as I’m on PS4 I’m behind his progression and I earn 15 million an hour from fishing using a normal rod and no desert buff and only professional 7, If he uses triple cast rod and energy he’ll probably get 30 mill an hour (guesstimate) run that to Valencia pick up the trading buff and he’s close to 90 mil, however also remember people post their good results for example there are times where I have little luck finding hotspots and that 15 mil takes me 90 minutes.We got the desert buff yesterday so I’m going to be doing a mix of hotspot fishing and grinding going forward,. TLDR: With the right setup and a good run 100 mil is possible, factor in journey times and occasionally bad runs it may be around 70 mil PH average
  6. I bought the desert pack on my Musa but got the DK one, pretty sure I picked Musa but I could be wrong. i don’t play DK, you can’t sell the Guille that comes with it or melt it for Cron stones but no worries, I’ve not equipped it, it’s still in my pearl inventory CM will help me out as I only want to change it for the Musa one. No help at all, because I opened the box which was when I realised it was for DK not Musa they say they can’t do anything, total BS ofc Terrible customer service
  7. I have to ask how you've come to that assumption, PC has 5 pets and I see no reason why we won't have 5
  8. Why can’t the stream be earlier, for us in the UK that’s 3am, 4 for many in EU ☹️
  9. I so want Musa, I don't agree with just 2 classes as a lot of us are just waiting to start our preferred class choice so we're in a no man's land on a class we'll drop.
  10. It's not game breaking and yet so annoying just like the pet special ability turning itself off automatically each time
  11. Yeah that’s the post I read just couldn’t find it again, I’ll add that to our Discord, thanks
  12. So at least 5 times a day we have confusion in our guild Discord chat on what time we can play the game with many really sure it’s midnight Monday night. Im pretty sure I read it’s 7am UTC, that’s also the time of Xbox launch and our Beta launch so its most likely this, however trying to find an official comment on this is impossible, it’s like it’s a secret, a few of us have even asked on their official twitter to only be ignored. Anyone with better google skills than me could you find something lol? I’m going to go hunt that pot of gold at the end of this rainbow, I’ll have more luck.
  13. That's an excellent detailed response, thank you
  14. As I'm one of the unlucky ones who can't get past the error issue and play even after trying the workarounds I have a few questions. How's the performance on a standard PS4, any heavy lag and or graphical issues? How's it feel on the controller, are you able to track a single target easily and navigate easily? How do skill combos feel on the controller, are they awkward to cast? How does it look graphically as you run around on standard PS4? Any major issues/bugs popping up? Are you enjoying it? Thanks for your time you lucky guys 😀
  15. No communication for a while, probably gone home for the weekend, the workaround didn't fix things for me either, created a new account, followed the steps, pretty frustrating
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