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  1. Guild has 20 members already with highest gs being 528, and is pretty active through out the day. We plan on doing node wars once we have the members, but we are still working on buffs currently only 3 maxed(hp,acc, and ap) but will have all maxed within two weeks. Anybody or play style is welcome no rules besides be friendly with other members and any guilds we end up being chill with. Pm my gt lilrobo916 on xbox and I’ll get you a invite.
  2. Already got 3 members at 500 gs n also a 528 zerk, come join the fam y’all we gunna be big name in a month or two
  3. Already having strong growth within a 2 days and haven’t even had time to recruit really lol come join the fam y’all
  4. Hey brand new guild recruiting no req just tryna create a pve and pvp friendly guild just to kick back in. Pm my Xbox lilrobo916 if interested wanna get a good group going n get some funds then start recruiting a lot but wanna get some buffs n stuff first.
  5. DesolateDevils is recruiting, no gs requirement at the moment just be semi active at least. We at about 25 members right now and looking to start growing more and get ready for node wars. Me and and a few of the member are decently geared and willing to help. If interested message my gamertag lilrobo916
  6. Dracula’s castle is recruiting got 15 member at the moment and starting to really develop a group of people. Only have a few high gs people over 460 so no requirements on gs or level if your active at least. We can help you level, farm and all that. I’m 493 musa so I can help you out whenever I’m on. Aiming to hit 35 people by end of next month for node wars. Message me on Xbox at lilrobo916.
  7. Still looking for active willing to level people when have free time if your already at least 50 still no req
  8. If you still looking add my gt lilrobo916
  9. Hey bud if u still looking message my gamer tag lilrobo916
  10. New guild looking to start recruiting we got 9 people so far but only like 4 are actually strongly active. We are hella chill laid back n me and the gm are always willing to help if your a newer person to the game too. Our main focus right now is pve until we got a solid group that’s semi geared for we can start doing node wars and what not. If you looking to help build a guild up from the bottom with us hit me up on my gamer tag lilrobo916 and I can shoot you a invite. Hope to hear from y’all soon
  11. Mainly pve focused at the time but we definitely plan to get some nodes n do node wars n all the pvp stuff once we got a solid roster. As of right now we have 9 member only a few that are actually active pretty much every day but we trying to get a chill group who just wants to take it at our own pace and enjoy the game. If you want more info add my gamer tag lilrobo916 n we can talk n see if you want a invite
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