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  1. When the Arsha server comes out, most of the other servers will be a lot more PvE freindly. Arsha is a PvP specific server and most people that flag up now will move there.
  2. TET and PEN would be bad right now, most players aren't even at TRI. The people that already have full TRI will do fine in valencia, awakenings will be coming out too which will help. I know people that have nothing to do because they've TRI'd all their weapons/armor and accessories. They've played 10-15 hours a day since launch and all they can do is prepare for the next batch of updates. However, someone getting PEN on the first day is most likely P2W but you never know, could be really lucky.
  3. If they use potions, you use potions. If you don't need to use potions, don't use potions. I wouldn't worry about potions for to much longer though, awakenings will make it much less viable to spam potions because of the damage increase. Right now DP is very strong because awakenings are not in the game yet and you can't push weapons past TRI.
  4. You should grind quests till your're level 59.
  5. The reason you're getting this message is because of the lag. You are gathering at a fast rate and when the game lags you complete the gathering but when it catches back up you finish the gathering again. The gathering was already completed so it says "You cannot gather any more". Essentially it's completing the gathering twice. Don't worry it's not draining energy twice.
  6. Try grinding for a while at a good spot, then have someone come try to steal your spot. So you flag up to kill them and then they just come back to try and karma bomb you out. That's why you can declare without getting a karma hit. If you don't do something to micky off a guild why would they dec on yours.
  7. 300+ because you're going to need it in valencia too.
  8. You can't go past TRI right now
  9. There's a targeting bug on the bases. You can still damage them though, you just wont get hit markers.
  10. That's happening because someone has already harvested from those trees.
  11. I'd recommend default vertical sensitivity and 80 horizontal.
  12. Join a guild. The guild I'm in runs grind groups, boss scrolls, world bosses, guild bosses, guild quests and node wars. Not to mention we're at war with other guilds and sometimes we get in big guild wars over grind spots. If you're not in a guild, this game is going to feel solo. Join a guild that has a good community too.
  13. The first thing I would do if I were you would be to look for and join a guild that you can enjoy. An important part for me was finding a guild that used discord or some sort of voice chat, but either way, a guild will make this game a lot more enjoyable. For now don't worry about getting a horse. Run everywhere so you can level up your breath. Once your breath is lvl 30, then you can start using a horse. Since you are level 50 here's what i'd start with. Open the quest log and switch over to the "main" quest tab. Complete all of those quests until that log is empty and then move to the "suggested" tab. Here you will find a quest chain that rewards the abyssal weapon which gives 84 AP. Do that quest chain I think the first quest is called past glory. Once you have this weapon you can start grinding for the asula accessories, all 6 give a total of 45 AP. If you already have a weapon that gives you around 84 AP, just focus on upgrading a yuria weapon. Next, get the accuracy offhand for your class (Vangertz, Saiyer, Bronze, Helrick) at least to +7, this will get you 2 AP some DP and a bunch of accuracy/evasion. This gives you 131AP. As for armor, the best you can do right now is grunil or heve, but they are also the most expensive. If you are unfamiliar with enhancing I'd recommend you use agerian because it will be easier to repair the max durability. The difference between grunil/heve and agerian is minimal, all you are really aiming for right now with gear is to get +5 attack/casting speed and +5 movement and crit if you can. Get your armor to at least +10, this is pretty easy to do without failstacks. With this your AP will be 131 and your DP will be 129. Once you've reached that point, you can begin to upgrade you gear. don't worry about accessories right now, the asula set is pretty good. You'll want to start working on a weapon, ideally for PvP a Yuria. Prioritize upgrading your weapon first, aim to get it to DUO. Once you've done that get all of your armor and your off-hand to DUO. With this your AP will be 143 and your DP will be 231. For now your DP is going to be way higher than your AP and I wouldn't recommend getting the AP off-hand until later on when you have more accuracy to support losing the accuracy off-hand. Even if you had the AP off-hand right now you'd only be at 158 AP. I wouldn't recommend PvP'ing until you get at least everything to DUO. Ideally, you'll want to grind until you are 56, this can take some time but it shouldn't be much. Once you are 56 go back and do all the general and reoccurring quests that you see, this will level you to 59 very fast. Once you're 59 the real grind begins.
  14. If you or your guild are doing a kill quest, you will get bad frames until the kill counter is done. Otherwise my frames are fine in mediah. you may try restarting your game if it's that bad.
  15. Well what I mean is that if you choose fire and lightning, you would get 4 super armor skills. Each skill uses the same key press to function and does almost the same thing. The fire and lightning combo would be way more powerful than earth and water, which would only get 1 super armor skill. This is why I say they would have to completely rework the skills. If you were allowed to choose each individual element, there would be 6 total combinations and that would require some rework.
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