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  1. This isnt unsmooth... its borderline unplayable with delayed rendering.
  2. Not that it really matters I'm on a 1x with ssd and gigabit speed with latency of 15 or lower Doesnt matter how intensive this game is resource wise the delayed rendering fix they have implemented is complete bogus. This was designed as an xbox one game and thus should be playable by og xbox one users not just the 1x with ssd users. So @Rocketfuel77777 please stop calling people ignorant if they refuse to answer your questions. At the end of the day you're not PA or microsoft so you shouldnt advocate that this game should only run on a 1x and ssd
  3. It's not just npc in town nothing like trying to grind and being beat on by invisible mobs not rendering.
  4. Get that crap speed test **** out of here my ping is 11 my down 982.7 and my up is 919.3 at the time im writing this And if you think I have packet loss you're high as a kite
  5. The fix seems to delay rendering in both cities and grind spots. I have been hit by invisible mobs at gahaz and crescents and a 30 sec load time for some npcs
  6. GMs should know more than CMs and for a GM to say they are not just in the game but available is blatant misinformation and a lie
  7. Well if that isnt a blatant lie I'm not sure what is
  8. They bought them with the Hope's of getting a t8 horse which they were told was in the game. They were misled by representatives of the company by buying an item with the hope of achieving an impossible result. Thus they are entitled according to the policy you can argue they arent. There are precedents in the game. When asula drop rate was 0% you could get your kamy blessing restored to full by submitting a ticket. They didnt acknowledge that issue until 2 days before the fix came out.
  9. So according to policy this would involve serious compensation for some breeders who have spent hundreds if not thousands in attempts for t8s. Policy listed below
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