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  1. Hmmm ok I'll pre order dim and just work up my red nose for now lol
  2. So. I have the red nose body armor that I got ages ago from him. I havent been so lucky to get dim trees body armor. My question is do i put money into enhancing the red nose armor? It's at +9 atm or do i just skip it and sell and try to get Dim? I just dont want to put a ton of cash into the red nose armor if i should be going for dim. Thanks.
  3. So mine just ran out.. sold something for 500k. But for a bit over 300k. So a 200k loss.. hmmm. It was a drop so it still nets me 300k.. so I wonder if not having a value pack is ok for now at least until Archer releases and I play more. Lol
  4. Yea I think I'll sell it today after work if I can lol. Before that value pack goes poof. Currently I'm trying to decide if i gear valk up more. I got it to 58 and it's a ton of fun. I use my witches accessories on her. But the weapons i have are only duo ultimate of green ones. So trying to decide if i work toward boss weapons or just use what i have until archer comes. I do have a extra zarka. Kutum. And nouver box in storage lol. Wondering if i should even open and sell that extra nouver or keep for archer.
  5. One thing I do wonder is if I should sell the Nouver dagger +14 I have now before I lose value pack. I use Kutum on witch as I dont pvp much. Plus looking to main archer someday and currently having a blast more on valk lol.
  6. Hmm so I can just keep selling the gear drops then lol. I highly doubt I'll have duo ogre rings to sell lol. I'm still slowly working to upgrade what I have. Currently duo witches. Duo cresent. Duo bassi and I do have a PRI ogre. Lol
  7. So just save items. Use grinding cash for income until I get a free value pack? Maybe after some of these new games come out and I play them and come back more on bdo I can get pack then lol.
  8. Hi. So i used to play BDO daily and now currently play more casual since I'm also playing other games. My question is my value pack is about ti expire in 3 days. Am I still ok to play without on? I'm not to worried about inventory space. More so worried about the 100 weight and mainly the marketplace tax reduction. Am I still able to play without one having that marketplace hit? I mainly sell just armor and weapon drops on it. And accessories. I love grinding mobs so I figured I could always grind extra silver to make up for the tax hit. Thoughts? Just trying to find out if I'll be ok playing without it. Or if I should shell out money for one even though I wont play much. Thanks
  9. I'm just not sure I'd like life skills.. I do like the game I just wish they had PVE elements with combat ither then bosses lol.. Idk I tried to play today for a hour and was bored 15 mins in the grind lol...
  10. So I love the game.. however I'm getting kind of burnt out and feel like I would like to step away.. Is anyone else feeling this way? I'm not much of a pvp fan for endgame. I mean I'd do it if needed. I would like to take a few months off however I just feel like I'm missing out of login stuff and events if indo so then I force myself to play a min of 3 hours a day.. Is anyone else ready to stop or are you struggling to keep going?
  11. So.. Would it pay off to take my level 49 wiz boss alt to kutum? Or just keep taking my main 60witch to kutum? Thanks
  12. Hmm ok. I think I'll maybe spend today after work trying to raise Ap and Dp then maybe shoot for pirates or Sausans. Thanks.
  13. So.. I'm 59 and about 20% into 59... I'm really trying to get 60 as I only have 14days I think left on the level 60 event box. Any tips where i should grind to get 60? Currently i grind manes. Helms. But the exp is slowwwwww... Any tips appreciated to where I should be grinding. Oh and my AP is 156. DP 180 Thanks
  14. Ok cool. I do all life skills on my main currently. And I have tons of inv space on my main. I think you saved me 60$ lol. I can use it to buy a character slot or pet lol
  15. So. My main is witch and I did buy 2 inventory expansions. But I plan on doing a few alts for fun. Is it worth buying inventory space? I do have the value pace active for 100+ days still. I ask because I want to try Musa and not sure of that Musa pack is worth 60$ on the pearl shop for inv and weight. Thanks.
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