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  1. Ok cool. Thanks for this info. I'll give those areas a shot this weekend. I used to grind the bassi area on witch but I have now switched to main Archer who is almost 60 and uses the gear I stated. I've never done pila so that will be new. 😃 Thanks!
  2. Sure. Sorry for late reply. Been battling food poisoning. AP 220, AAP 222, DP 261
  3. Well atm i have. TET Zarka crossbow TET Kutum offhand TET Dande Bow. PRI Ogre ring 2 DUO crimson rings 1 DUO bassi belt TRI Bhega gloves. TET heve helm (have griffon and working on it) TRI heve boot TRI Grun body (have dim and working on it? 2 TRI Witch earrings
  4. So. Currently I have like 4 cresent rings. But I cant decide if I sell for money or try to enhance myself. I only currently have 2 duo cresent. My question is do you enhance or sell your drops for silver then buy the enhanced version. I'm both lucky and unlucky with enhancements. Thoughts? If I had it my way I would suffer with duo rings.. sell all drops and save for TRI or TET rings and other accessories.
  5. Oh I didnt know there was a coupon for only skill points? I'll have to check when off work. And ya I'm around 2300-2500 give or take. Witch is like 20% from 61. Just never pushed through lol. I also used training dummies while at work for awhile for skill points.
  6. So now that I stopped my witch and now mainly focusing on Archer. Is that combat/skill transfer worth it? And how does it work because the wording has me a bit confused. Currently my witch is level 60 with over 2500 or more skill points. Archer is only 56 with not much skill points atm. Is it worth spending almost 70-80$ for a skill and combat transfer in your oppionon? And do you know if there's anything that would stop me from doing it? Ps4 dosnt have to wait for the 90day only because our 90 days is based on when archer got released on xbox. Thanks.
  7. I also see a note at the bottom of the weapon exchange that says "class date for archer and kuno will be based on xbox dates" so for my ps4 archer I might be able to already do it?
  8. Good to know. Now if I can only wait that time period lol.. I thought it said 90 days? Edit.. I see 30 days listed now lol
  9. I already have zarka. Kutum. Dande for archer. In the process of enhancing. Are you saying when it transfers it would go from tet kutum witch to tet kutum archer?
  10. So Archer is out and hes now my main.. I used to be a Witch. I dont think I plan on ever using her other then for lifeskills. My question is should I sell my TET Kutum dagger and TET green awakening weapon for silver? My Archer currently only has Tri Zarka. +14Kutum and +14 Dande. Just cant decide if I keep m tr witch weapons or sell for monies. Thoughts? Thanks.
  11. So currently I have a Tet heve helmet. The. Tri grunil body, hands. And Tri Heve boots. My question is it worth buying TET for the armors I have TRI or would TRI be ok until I'm able to get boss gear? I have Bhegs but stuck at PRI. Just wondering if I should sink the cash into buying TET to replace my 3 TRI or wait and use what I have until I'm able to get and enhance my boss gear. Thanks.
  12. Hmmm ok I'll pre order dim and just work up my red nose for now lol
  13. So. I have the red nose body armor that I got ages ago from him. I havent been so lucky to get dim trees body armor. My question is do i put money into enhancing the red nose armor? It's at +9 atm or do i just skip it and sell and try to get Dim? I just dont want to put a ton of cash into the red nose armor if i should be going for dim. Thanks.
  14. So mine just ran out.. sold something for 500k. But for a bit over 300k. So a 200k loss.. hmmm. It was a drop so it still nets me 300k.. so I wonder if not having a value pack is ok for now at least until Archer releases and I play more. Lol
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