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  1. Thank you for your feedback 🙂
  2. What do you think of when will she up on ps4 platform ? In order to 2019 roadmap, shai,archer and kamasylvia have to be realese on next patch right ? December 3 or 17, which one is high possibility date for last update of the year?
  3. I'm sorry but this is not drama.If you made a game, you should not ignore all kind of comments even they are bad or not. I'm a customer and I'm a gamer like you and I want to see feedback from what I bought and what I expected from this game.I am not the only one who hoped something good from this game on ps4.We have to react or they will make this periods longer.Even they read these messages or not.😐
  4. Yes, i can see their success but not for playstation platform. Sadly...
  5. I'm really dying to see Shai and Striker up for the next update.Because you don't seem as 'we are fixing optimization issues and graphic performances both on ps4 and pro and not to inform about awakening yet' , then release these characters for let us not to bored for a while.I'm regretting that we have pre-ordered and bought this game and you don't seem like you don't care what we need as priority so far.SSD not solve fast loading for maps,ps4 pro can't handle the game or you may working only for xbox1 for the updates...
  6. I've been submitted a lot of comments about screen flickering,fps drops,map loadings and connection issues on ps4 but it seems none of them have been solved.I also PM gms on the game and got none feedback yet.We urgently need a major update in this Wednesday.Character optimization is not working well,when using skills,camera rotation goes backward simultaneously and most of time,landscapes and environments (npc,buildings etc.) look like pixel-is.I don't want to describe it as 'Potato Mod' but yes it is.People gone almost level 60 without awaken or desert and you say 'before all ,we want to give chances to players like they need do some quests,some grindings or do stuffs' ?? I watched all of your live streams about ps4 and both of your community managers don't seem to care ps4's much when they answering questions or talk about it.Pardon me but ,I don't want to see sorry messages or get free gifts,just ps4 major optimization with updates soon. Regards...
  7. Can someone tell me where can i get the specific time information for the ps4 bosses? In some applications, I can only see for PC's and xbox's times.
  8. Since the beta, i really would like to know that have you been preparing an urgent update which is to be released in a couple of days ? I have all equipments to play the game but I still don't see a complete game.When you release it, it had to be a full game not uncompleted one (we have already shared our opinions which you must add to the game or not).We have all paid money.I just want an official feedback from you. Regards.
  9. I am having same problems and i can understand you very well. But we have to wait atleast a couple of weeks because it just launched and they have to fix these things in order to earn money and save their reputation. Xbox1 is cool at this moment after months of updates.Be patient please.
  10. Hi, I participated in Beta and pre-ordered the game but nothing changed so far.The graphics are still pixel-ish.I got server disconnection issues almost 5 times today,I have a screen flickering problem too.Just make a 5-20 GB update for graphic performances like on xbox1.I can't even look at the screen because of the higher dynamic contrasts look of the game even i havr changed the TV settings a lot of times.I can confirm that both normal ps4 and ps4 pro have a lot of performances issues especially The GRAPHICS ... Please make a patch about these.
  11. Hi, besides quite minor bugs such as interacting to objects, farming, and talking with NPCs, everything is normal till the graphics. I know this is beta, and of course we may expect some issues like these but whatever you do, don't make any pixelish or 1d animation stuff in the game when you are going to release it on 20 August because I bought Ultimate Edition and I want to receive every beautiful things when I play the game. This game has very different features besides other games on Ps4 and you should know that even we had a huge Sony's store fault on 9 August, you should not get any bad arguments for it. Please be sure to have a prepared major graphics update on launch for both standard and pro Ps4's. Best regards.
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