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  1. Actually, there is such an app. From Sony themselves. It's called ps4 Second screen. Just start the app, follow the instructions to link it to your ps4 once and after that you can start the app, select your ps4 and choose the little white keyboard icon on the top. You have to let your phone on, so no lock. And now, whenever you open something on your ps4 which requires text input, your on screen keyboard will pop up completely black and instead the second screen app pops up with a keyboard on your smart phone. Well, pretty long and bad explanation from a non native user, but you get what I'm saying, I think.
  2. Meant tri. But you can go higher? I think I saw a message telling someone got pen?
  3. I'd love to see the following: * better servers which aren't lagging out while fighting bosses(no I don't mean fps, I mean lag. No my internet is fine ps4 has 120mbit download 20 MBit upload wired.) * better optimization for 30 fps * fully scaleable UI incl. Options to remove and move things completely * ability to actually see enemies skills in a pvp game. I mean if you're forcing pvp from lvl 50, how am I supposed to dodge a meteor which is coming out of nowhere? * setting up markers on world map to remember special zones better * improve loading to exterminate invisible wall loadings.
  4. So, I was able to hunt down every single kzarka with my witch which is lvl 59 with 180ap and a tet Kalis staff. Only got bs so far. I mean it's not like I expect something to drop but I'd really appreciate to get the chance to do damage. The server lags are ridiculous. My heals don't give Hp, my mana leech doesn't give mana and all of a sudden, my blizzard just gets 1 min cool down, without actually casting the spell. Sometimes I'll just get glitched under the floor when kzarka hits me because I'm lag ported back in after skill porting out of his aoe. In all seriousness, I love the game and it's pretty much fun besides the bad fps and bad optimization. I already got 120hrs of actively playing and still loving it. But them servers have to be fixed. We need server that are able to not lag like feck as soon as a world boss spawns. Besides that I just got one thing left to ask: How the love are you supposed to pvp if you cannot see enemies skills! Is it a bird? NO! Is it a plane? NO! IT'S A METEOR OUT OF NOWHERE!
  5. That's utter bs. Look at other games. This is just bad optimization and they could do alot.
  6. Same. We are 3 ppl living in different towns and cannot connect em. Every time we get a network error, besides the fact that we have a perfectly fine connection.
  7. Well, how hard should we be chilling? I mean, it's Monday, 4 days since beta started and it's just plain silence, from both Sony and pearl abyss. They're ignoring us, the persons which are supposed to buy their damn game. That's not User friendly, that's not professional. All we want is a real statement. And if they would've said " we're sorry but EU beta is not gonna happen bc of bugs with store n stuff". That way we would've known that it's worthless to wait atleast not wasting our time with daylie hope for a fix. They just exploited us the worst way and I'm at a point where I don't want to give them my money anymore. My gf has made the first step canceling preorder few days ago and now my friends and I will follow. I'd love to play this game, serious. But I'm not gonna give em my money after that disrespectful disaster. They should fire all the pr personal and get a whole new staff.
  8. That's exactly what I got. But it didn't help me. Sadly.
  9. I did it exactly like that and even got the mail thanks for buying n stuff. After I told em my problem isn't fixed I got that : Okay, in that case unfortunately due to the nature of your issue I'm not able to proceed with your query on Twitter. Please give us a call so that we can help you out with this. Our number is 0203 538 2665, and the lines are open 10.30am-7.00pm BST, Monday to Saturday. Alternatively, you can get in touch with LiveChat by typing your issue in the search bar: (link: http://playstation.com/get-help/) playstation.com/get-help/ and following the instructions on screen. Thanks!
  10. Sadly it didn't work. Followed alk the steps. Deleted game first contacted UK they deleted my historsly / log asked me to redownload and still get the same issue.
  11. Trying that right now. Just sent them the email, waiting for incident number to get back to askpsnUk on Twitter, they're awaiting my number. I'll update once I know if it worked.
  12. I'd like that too but I'm afraid of the costs to call to UK.
  13. Welp not in Germany. As I tried it yesterday too.
  14. You can do a 180 flip by pressing R3 twice infight.
  15. Thanks for your help but please just read the topic.
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