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  1. I agree that trading could use an overhaul, and p2p trading was already something implemented, so it's somethjng that would be manageable. I think this would be a good start, and forcing a limit on direct trades would affect RMT and help to combat it.
  2. Even if it's not marking it for allies like it should be? Edit: The only reason I mention it is because when 10 people hammer on a base for 20 minutes, the fort should have taken at least a little bit of damage.
  3. Hey; I used to play on PC, started playing on console. We had our node war session tonight, everything worked fine as it should, we were able to join the war. The problem however came when we were actually trying to participate in the war; 6 guilds were competing for our node, but none of those 6 were able to attack any of the other bases except for one. I personally discovered all 5 of the other bases, I personally attacked all 5 of the other bases and I was not the only one who did, but none of our attacks were registering the building and discovering the fort for the rest of the guild so that we could damage and destroy it. In the end we lost the node, because we couldn't do anything to the enemy's base while they're tearing ours apart. Any reasons as to why this happened?
  4. Any of you who may still be having issues locating the beta, I had to go into the Black Desert Standard Edition in the console's store, and then it was tucked away in there under Demos. Hope this helps someone. Edit: Just saw CM Trent's post that had that information. Hope it helps anyways lol
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